If you like Podcasts, don’t miss this new Spotify feature

Spotify It is not only an application with which you can listen to all kinds of streaming music. In addition to having the largest music database, it also includes a wide variety of podcasts in its library so you can listen to everything you want without leaving the application. However, when it comes to discovering new podcasts, or giving visibility to smaller ones, this platform is a bit in the shade compared to others, such as Ivoox. However, with the new feature «RADAR for Podcasters Spain“Things are going to change radically.

Spotify Spain has just announced this new feature with which it intends to support emerging podcast creators in our country. This new function is part of the already existing «RADAR for Podcasters«, an initiative through which the platform helps users from other countries, such as Italy, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India and the Philippines to discover all kinds of programs from their respective countries. Now, within this initiative, Spain is included as a new country where, every month, new programs originating in our country will be announced.

Spotify podcasts, just like music, can be listened to completely free of charge. Of course, we will have the same limitations as with music, that is, ads and restrictions when changing programs. If we pay for any of the Premium plans, we will be able to listen to the programs at maximum quality and without restrictions of any kind.

The first programs of the initiative

Starting today, the first three programs of this new initiative are already available: «Damn bun drama”«Night terrors” Y “No one will talk about us”. Each new episode released by each of these podcasts will be automatically added to the new playlist that Spotify itself has created for this purpose.

If we don’t want to miss a single episode, and also discover new programs every quarter, we just have to follow this playlist. Every three months, Spotify will select three new promising programs from each country, prioritizing, above all, authenticity, inclusivity, education and entertainment. If we particularly like any of the Podcasts, we simply have to add it to our favorites list and follow it like any other program.

If you have your own podcast, and you want to make yourself known within Spotify, you can register, and send your programs, through the following form. And if you just want to listen, all you have to do is press play.

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