If you play Minecraft, this launcher will be essential

Minecraft is one of the most popular games that we can find. This title, developed by Mojang and currently owned by Microsoft, has millions of players around the world, despite being 12 years old. Without a doubt, the best thing about this game is the freedom it offers us to create our world and customize it thanks to all kinds of mods, packs, saved games that we can download, etc. However, managing all this can be the most chaotic we can find them. And so this is where it comes into play MultiMC.

MultiMC: the essential program for every Minecraft player

MultiMC is a totally free and open source program whose main purpose is to help users manage different configurations, or instances, of Minecraft. Thanks to this program we will be able to create different “launchers” for the game, each one with its configuration, its mods, its texture packs and all kinds of resources that we want to use in the game.

Starting from a single base game installed, thanks to this program we will be able to have a kind of several different launchers, being able to launch any of them without the changes we make in said game affecting the rest of the instances.

Some features of this program are:

  • Monitor the activity of each game (logs, mods, etc.) in order to detect possible problems.
  • Improve Java runtime to launch the game faster.
  • Allows you to run old versions of Minecraft.
  • If the game crashes or freezes, kill the process directly.
  • Compatible with the most popular mod loaders (Forge, Fabric and LiteLoader).
  • Import MultiMC settings shared by others, or share your settings.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Accounts.

This program is completely free for all gamers and also open source. It is also important to note that we can find it for both Windows and macOS and Linux, thus being able to use it on any operating system.

We can download the latest version of it from the MultiMC download section.

Be careful: you need to have the original game in your hands

MultiMC is a launcher that allows us to manage several instances and configurations independently. But at no time includes the original game, nor is it a fork, or derivative program, of this game. That is, in order to play Minecraft, and use this program, we must have previously purchased the game.

In addition, this title only works with the original version of the game, the one that runs on a Java virtual machine. The new Minecraft from the Microsoft Store, being exclusive to Windows 10, neither works on other systems nor is it compatible with this program.

The Java version of the game still has a official price of 25 euros (a one-time payment, and we can play it on any operating system). A fairly high price taking into account the time that the game has but that it is worth it, given all the possibilities and hours of play that it will offer us. And if we also rely on this program, MultiMC, we can manage it much more easily.

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