If you play or watch series or movies, enjoy these surround speakers for 100 euros less

At the moment we use our computer for all kinds of tasks, both related to the professional and personal environment. This means that, for example, we carry out office work with it, and then enjoy our favorite games and movies. sure these speakers you will love them in both cases.

Many times we pay special attention to the graphics that we are going to install on our computer, in addition to the screen that will complement it. But in order to get the most out of it and enjoy all the uses we make of our pc, everything related to audio also takes on special importance. This is something that is especially evident in the event that we are going to use multimedia applications.

This includes software solutions such as games or the audio and video players. Whether it is local content or via streaming, enjoying our movies, series or music in the best way will always be appreciated. A clear example of all this is found in this surround speaker system that we are going to mention now. In addition, at this time one of its most striking points is that we will have the possibility of save money more than 100 euros on Amazon.

To give you an approximate idea, we are going to talk about a speaker system that will get you into the scene, both in games and in movies, thanks to the audio that it offers us. And that’s not all, since right now we can benefit from significant savings if we buy them as soon as possible, specifically before the offer disappear.

Take the sound of your PC to another level with these speakers

As soon as we take a look at this speaker system that we propose to be part of your computer, we realize that it is special. In principle we cannot deny that its appearance is impressive, and even more so when we have it working. Well, actually we are talking about the Logitech Z906 speakers. We are going to find a system of 5.1 surround sound with THX technology and Dolby & DTS certified.

It is worth knowing that as its manufacturer, Logitech, makes clear to us, the set offers us a maximum power of 1000 watts and we can use it on all types of devices and platforms. Not only can it be part of our computer, but we can also connect these speakers to our television or console. As we told you, the audio system has the THX-certified and is capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS sound.

logitech speakers

It is worth mentioning that the set has its own remote control to control all available channels. At the same time we will have the possibility to independently adjust the volume of the satellite and the subwoofer. Once we know all this, it is important to know that in these moments we can save 28% on its original price. Therefore, we can enjoy these 5.1 surround speakers for 288 euros right now.

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