If you swap your AMD CPU with Windows 11, you lose 20% on games!

Although the latency problem with the L3 cache in AMD Ryzen under Win11 has already been resolved, an additional problem has appeared that may affect those who have installed Windows 11 on their PCs and want to upgrade their PC’s CPU to a new generation of these processors.

Win11 crash when upgrading an AMD CPU

AMD Ryzen update Windows 11 Win11

According to the people of Hardware Unboxed through their Twitter account, a strange phenomenon occurs if we update our AMD Ryzen for a newer model or make a simple replacement for any other processor compatible with the AMD AM4 socket. What is happening? Well, we will find that the latency with the CPU’s L3 cache will increase to the performance levels of before the patch that Microsoft released for Win11 a few days ago, to the point of losing up to 20% in games.

The only solution? Well, back up the most important data on our hard drive and install the operating system again, which becomes a nuisance if, for example, we have bought a Ryzen 5000 to replace our Ryzen 3000, since the installation of the system Operational can take us a while in which we could be using our PC.

The funny thing about the problem is that it is not a problem with the motherboard drivers of AMD itself, but of Microsoft itself, since we remember that the patch to deal with the problem was released for Win11 and does not occur with others operating systems.

The importance of the L3 cache in Zen

AMD Zen 3 performance cache

One of the keys to obtain the highest possible IPC in a processor is to reduce the latency with the memory, since with less latency then the instructions are resolved before and therefore the average of instructions resolved per cycle increases, which is the IPC. So cache performance has become very important in new processor designs.

In the specific case of Zen architectures, L3 is a victim cache, which is responsible for adopting the data discarded by the L2 cache and which would go to the main RAM. In this way, if they have to be recovered later, it can be done with a much lower latency. Hence, the V-Cache based on increasing the amount of L3 results in an increase in the IPC with a simple increase in the capacity of the processor LLC.

AMD Ryzen 1000 Windows 11

We do not know the details of the Win11 bug with AMD CPUs, but it is curious that it happens again when updating the processor or replacing it. We do not believe that it is for political reasons, since Microsoft has no reason to be in a fight with Lisa Su’s company, after all, they are the providers of the technology of their Xbox consoles and a voluntary boycott of their processors would not make sense. .

Is it a serious problem? No, not really from the moment it is solved by reinstalling Windows 11, but it is something that we should report, since we know that many Ryzen users are going to look to upgrade their CPU at this time.

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