If you thought Instagram had a lot of advertising, we have bad news.

Instagram, just like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and any other social network, is completely free and is supported by ads. While it is true that Twitter and Meta (Instagram and Facebook) offer additional payment plans to expand the number of options for businesses and professionals, however, these plans do not completely eliminate the advertising that is displayed in your feed, but only is reduced.

One of the social networks that shows the greatest number of ads and that obtains the highest monetization per user every month is Instagram. Despite having that dubious honor, it seems that, for those responsible for the company, what is shown is little and they have announced a new way to invade us, even more, with advertising. If one of the reasons why you had stopped using this social network was not due to this problem, the changes that have been introduced will not make you come back.

More advertising for the same price

In the Instagram blog, the company has announced two new methods that will be added to the current ones, to offer greater versatility to companies that, with the ads that are displayed in each user’s feed, do not have enough. The first of these is related to the Search results. When we do a search on Instagram, and not only the accounts of people who can match the search criteria we have established will be displayed, but an ad related to the search topic will also be displayed. If, for example, we search for how to make spring rolls, the ad will show the ad for an Asian restaurant located near our location.

instagram ads

The other new functionality that has also been introduced is related to notifications. Instagram also wants to take advantage of the annoying notification system on our mobile device to make ads more profitable. When the ad deals with a specific event, such as the premiere of a series or movie, they may add a button with the text remind me. At that time, Instagram will record that, on the day the event will take place, you must send us a notification to remind us, a notification that we can set to be the day before the event, 15 minutes before, or at the time the event is held. .

This last function, in addition to being designed to offer greater versatility to ads, is also designed for users who do not want to miss a specific event, as long as they have not trained their brain to automatically skip all advertising and recommendations for accounts to follow. , other the most annoying functions of this social network. The Meta platform will start offering these new methods to advertise on the platform in a few months, so if you as a company are interested in taking advantage of it, you will have to wait for its official launch.

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