If you use a chatbot, this interests you; your privacy is at stake

One of the most popular chatbots is ChatGPT. However, there are many more available on the Internet. New options appear as artificial intelligence advances and is more present in our daily lives. But hackers can also take advantage of this and launch security campaigns and threats.

Chatbot, a privacy problem

But why can they be a privacy problem? One clear reason is that they may collect personal data. Keep in mind that current chatbots have the ability to process and answer questions of all types. Some requests can be quite complex, so they will need to obtain certain data to provide a better response.

That means you could give personal data or information that can relate to you. Although in many cases you can empty those chats and delete what you have sent, there is a time in which that content will remain on the servers of that platform. They could use it to learn more about you, send you targeted advertising, etc.

Furthermore, as with any other service on the Internet, these chatbots can be hackers target to launch attacks. A hacker could exploit a flaw to access user data and put the privacy of all of them at risk. It does not mean that this chatbot is created to scam or leak data, but that there could be some uncorrected vulnerability.

There is also the option of installing or accessing a chatbot that is directly a fraud. They could have created a malicious program for you to install on your device, as well as a page that pretends to be someone else, such as ChatGPT, to deceive the victim. This occurs due to the rise of these chats.

Avoid problems

It is important that you avoid problems, that you are protected and that you do not fall into the trap. The first tip is that avoid giving too much information when you use this type of chats. You don’t really know where the information you are sending might end up, if there might be any vulnerabilities, etc. Just as you can prevent personalized Google searches, you can also prevent your data from ending up in chatbots.

It is advisable that you always have your protected devices. A good antivirus, for example, is key to detecting security threats. You will have many options available, but we recommend that you choose one with guarantees, that really protects you and can detect the entry of malicious software that affects you.

On the other hand, having All updated It is also important. Always make sure you have all the patches and updates available. This will prevent them from taking advantage of the flaws to steal data or compromise your privacy. Without a doubt, it is something that cannot be missing in any operating system or program you use.

As you can see, using chatbots can be interesting but it also has its risks. It is essential that you take measures to protect your privacy and thus avoid problems that may affect your daily life. It is key that you carefully review which platform you are going to use and that you do not fall into the trap of using services that are fraudulent.

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