If you use Windows 11, prepare to see a lot more advertising

Although Windows is a paid operating system, that does not prevent Microsoft from using it as a platform. advertising. It is not the first time that we have seen how the company takes advantage of its system to show all kinds of banners and ads to users, generally from its own services. With Windows 10, Microsoft’s announcements caused a lot of complaints and criticism among the community. But it has been of little use, since right now, with Windows 11, this advertising is not only still present, but even more and more.

A few hours ago, a well-known user known for finding secrets in Windows, albacore, shared on Twitter a new screenshot where we can see the new announcement that Microsoft is going to show in its new Windows 11.



Do we really need to stuff OneDrive promos in the user session flyout? Anything for that sweet sweet KPI 😭

November 06, 2022 • 9:14 PM

This new announcement is in a somewhat strange place: the Windows logout menu. In it we can see a new notice related to OneDrive, or Microsoft’s own services, which will prompt us to click on it showing that we have a pending notification in the OS. In this way, we can find several messages within this menu:

  • Back up files.
  • Sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • Complete our profile.

New announcements Windows 11

At the moment, these new messages are not available to everyone, but only appear to some users as an A/B test, just as has happened on other occasions. If Microsoft deems this feature stable enough to roll out to all users, then it will become available to all.

Ads everywhere in Windows

Unfortunately, this is not the only advertisement that we can find in Windows 11. Microsoft hides a large number of banners and advertisements within many elements of its operating system. For example, just this summer, Office 2021 users started seeing ads inviting them to pay for Office 365 subscription instead of continuing to use the one-time paid version. Shortly before, we have also been able to see a large number of announcements of Microsoft’s own programs (Edge, Office, and even Visual Studio Code) within the File Browser. And even in basic programs like Notepad and WordPad, Microsoft has flirted with advertising.

All of the above, leaving aside some of the functions of Windows itself, such as the widgets, which is a real source of publicity, as well as edge, your browser, which is also clearly used by Microsoft to promote its services.

And, of course, we cannot forget Windows itself, an operating system that has more and more features. bloatware and unnecessary programs (such as the latest addition, the Clipchamp video editor) that only generate revenue for Microsoft itself and make the system take up more space out of the box and run slower on less powerful computers.

Almost always, all of this promotional content can be disabled. But it is also true that Microsoft, each time, makes it more difficult.

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