If you wait for Prime Day to buy an SSD, don’t waste your time

As you well know, Amazon Prime Day is celebrated on July 11 and 12. These two days are very active, as there are many offers, some of which are really interesting. This period is used by manufacturers and assemblers to clear stock. We already know that new generations of products are usually launched between September and December.

In order to enjoy the offers, you must sign up for Amazon Prime. This process is simple and is quite cheap. It allows us to save shipping costs, access the Prime Video video content catalog and also subscribe to Twitch channels. If you have never used it, you have a free month.

Don’t expect great deals

The price of SSDs has dropped a lot in recent months. Right now we can find 1 TB SSD for between 50-100 euros, regardless of whether they are SATA or M.2. It is difficult for us to see these storage units with a better price.

Some units we could see reduced a bit. The 2TB SSD they could receive an additional 10-15% discount. At the moment They are between 120-150 euros, which is not a bad price for these units. Above all, models based on the PCIe 4.0 interface could drop in price.

Possibly if we see significant discounts on the u4TB drives. These models start from 200 euros for those with the SATA interface and 250 euros for the M.2. They are models that have a lot of room for price improvement, although the offer is minimal.

ssd storage driveNo PCIe 5.0 drives on the market, so the pressure of PCIe 4.0 drives is minimal. Yes, those based on Gen4 could drop a bit in price, especially those models with a passive heatsink.

We could still see some price adjustment in the uexternal SSD drives. These could have a relevant price reduction due to the drop in the price of SSDs.

Regarding the mechanical hard drivesWe don’t expect anything. It is a residual product on the market whose paper has been very relegated in the market. Likewise, some models between 2 TB and 8 TB could see their prices reduced a bit. But in general, we don’t expect sales.

Of course, do not leave for tomorrow the SSD that you can buy today

We must make it clear that it is time to buy these units. Do not wait to checkout after the summer, as you may find yourself in for unpleasant surprises. Although there is talk of price increases by the end of the year, these could be brought forward.

So you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow (or Prime Day) to buy your new storage unit. Remember that these storage solutions are crucial to getting the best possible performance from new systems. Starfield, for example, requires users to have an SSD drive. This has raised controversy, in a very artificial way, since for the rest of its requirements, it cannot be run on many “old” computers.

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