If You Want To Make Money With The Metaverse, Check Out These Cryptocurrencies

We have spent several weeks listening to a multitude of concepts and modes of use related to the metaverse. At the end of last year Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, already gave us his vision of all this. Now there are many users and companies that are entering this virtual world, where cryptocurrencies play an important role.

Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality they are expected to form an important part of this whole concept. But when talking about the metaverse, we cannot ignore elements such as NFTs or other cryptocurrencies that operate here. Precisely for all this, a growing number of users and companies are beginning to operate with these digital values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we find scattered throughout the aforementioned metaverse.

It is clear that one of the main objectives of all this is to earn physical money, although the decisions here are not at all easy. At this point, the first thing we must take into consideration is that in this virtual world there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies from which to choose to trade. The metaverse has its own markets between which we can move depending on the currency we have opted for here.

In the same way that happens in the conventional stock market and its values, here we find cryptocurrencies both up and down. Among many other factors, in this sense the popularity of these comes into play and therefore their penetration in the digital market of the metaverse. Obviously another very important point when it comes to making money or not is the general market capitalization at that precise moment.

highstreet web metaverse

Cryptocurrencies worth following in the metaverse

It is for all this that we will now show you some interesting metaverse cryptocurrencies which you should not lose sight of.

  • high street: With only a few months of life, these metaverse cryptocurrencies have approximately a trading volume in the last 24 hours of 47 million dollars. We can mint these digital goods through a MMORPG game which is based on the Unity engine. The project’s metaverse is under development and is expected to go live by the end of the year, users can sign up for its planned alpha release later this year.
  • LUKSO: this proposal has been with us since mid-2020, we could say that it is one of the main platforms of blockchain of digital and physical assets. Its commercialization is based on the ERC-725 and ERC-20 tokens and its objective is to integrate blockchain technology in the real world. The platform’s native token is LYXe and it has tools and standards to create a new economy based on digital certificates, cultural currencies and public profiles.
  • chronicle: in this case we find a green NFT market. With all this, what is intended is to promote respectful practices with the environment to coin these digital goods. Users can now check out Chronicle’s NFT platform and explore the various collections that are available to them. There are currently several of these collections that are actually based on blockbuster television series.

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