If you want to take care of your TV, sound bar or AV receiver, you should have a power strip in good condition

It is becoming more and more complex to choose a television since there are many factors to take into account, starting with the panel technology. At AVPasión we like to make things easy for you, and for this reason we have a complete Smart TV comparator where you can see all the features of each model presented. On the other hand, there are other equally important elements that we too often do not pay attention to. And no, That of avoiding buying a strip in conditions and reusing an old one that you have at home is not a good idea.

At the time we tell you everything you need to choose the best HDMI cable for your Smart TV. Many do not know that that old cable from their old console does not have the characteristics of the most modern models, losing functions and even image quality. And using a cheap power strip has an even bigger problem: you can damage your TV.

Just as we make a selection when buying a smart TV, a sound bar or an AV receiver, to give an example, you have to invest a little time when choosing a strip with good value for money. And no, not just any model will do.

How to choose the best power strip for your TV, sound bar and other equipment

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The mistake of buying a power strip in a bazaar can be very expensive. More than anything because they may not have all the safety features they should have, such as overload protection. And as there is and one power surge damaging your tv and other connected devices, the joke can be very expensive. And even if you have insurance that covers these types of accidents, you can save yourself an unnecessary headache if you have a quality power strip.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave too much money when choosing a product with these characteristics. We have selected the one we consider the best power strip in terms of value for moneyin addition to a discount on Amazon that is worth it.

In addition, we are going to explain everything you need when choosing a cheap but quality power strip in case you prefer to choose another model

Is it worth investing in a quality power strip?

Power strip on Samsung TV

As we told you, a 5 euro power strip is not the best idea, since overvoltages, contacts with fire or short circuits are more likely than you imagine. So, the most important thing is that you buy a certified power strip that it has passed all the security controls to protect you against these possible accidents.

It’s also a good idea Bet on a reputable manufacturer. We have already told you that you can find very good quality power strips for less than 50 euros, so the investment is not excessively high considering the price of your Smart TV and any other connected equipment.

In addition, the best power strips have a chip capable of detecting any voltage surge or network overload. In the event that this happens, it will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid damaging any of the connected equipment. And if this control chip fails, there is a fuse that will burn making the power strip unusable, but without damaging your Smart TV.

What should a quality ruler have?

overloaded power strip

The most normal thing if you want to buy a power strip to connect your Smart TV, is that there will be other connected equipment, be it a sound bar, AV receiver or turntable, to give an example. Therefore, there are a number of factors that you must take into account:

The strip must have several entry points: do not buy a small power strip, since at this point it is better that you have spare input sockets than that you are lacking and you begin to consider using thieves to gain space. Do not skimp on this aspect.

protection systems: It is essential that it has a certification that guarantees protection against voltage fluctuations, surges and current spikes.

Sturdiness: A power strip is usually on the ground, making it prone to accidental bumps and kicks. Choose a model in conditions so that it can withstand this situation.

As you may have seen, it is not too complicated to choose a quality power strip, but we want to recommend the one that offers the best value for money.

Why Buy the Belkin BSV804 SurgeStrip Power Strip

Belkin power strip

We have already told you everything a power strip should have to offer good performance and protect your TV and other equipment from possible accidents, so you can choose the model you want. But we want to recommend this Belkin BSV804 SurgeStrip model.

A product with an unpronounceable name but that offers guarantees that make a difference. For a start, it is the model used by Javier «Tocinillo», our television expert, for all his audio and video equipment.

And the reason is that it has eight AC outlets, plus two additional USB to be able to charge any compatible device, such as your mobile phone. It has 1606 reviews on Amazon, and most of them are really good.

All thanks to your robust housing designed to withstand fire damage, accidental impacts or even rust. It has an LED indicator so you can know if it is not grounded to avoid overloads. To this we must add a recessed power switch to prevent you from accidentally turning off your equipment, as well as sliding covers to prevent accidents with children. Finally, its 2-meter high-resistance cable will allow you to place this power strip wherever you want.

Without a doubt, a quality product and that is also now on sale, so do not hesitate to buy this power strip on Amazon since its features are more than enough to protect your Smart TV from power surges and other possible problems.

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