If you want to win more games in CS:GO use one of these keyboards

You are playing Counter Strike, there are no cheats, your PC is not lacking in power to move the game and it runs smoothly at a good frame rate. Have you wondered if the problem is not in a device that we usually ignore? That is why we tell you how to choose the best keyboard for cs:go and what is the best option.

Although in this article we are talking about CS:GO, the reality is that these tips can be applied to any first-person shooter game, so if you are fans of sagas like Call of Duty or Battlefield, they will also be 100% worth it. Normally, we do not usually give importance to the keyboard when buying a PC and many are of rather poor quality, which affects our games due to their lower speed or precision.

How to choose a keyboard for FPS games

Perspective Mechanical Keyboard

We have to start from the basis that the best way to play this game is by using a high-frequency monitor that gives us three-digit refresh rates and an important point is to bear in mind that every video game is a continuous loop that begins when the player presses a key, clicks the mouse, or presses a button on their controller. It is for this reason that latency is crucial. And what handicap do wireless keyboards have, especially Bluetooth ones? Well, the fact that they add milliseconds of latency that are then added to the gaming experience. So choose keyboards with USB cable that at most will give you a latency of 1 millisecond.

The second advice when choosing is that you opt for a mechanical keyboard instead of a membrane or semi-mechanical one. The advantage that these give over other keyboards when playing is enormous. Of course, keep in mind that the choice of a keyboard will not make you a professional player overnight, since the habit does not make the monk.

And what about the macro keys? Contrary to other genres such as MOBAs or MMOs, when choosing a keyboard for CS:GO and the like you won’t need them. What’s more, if you have a small desktop we recommend that you use a compact or TKL keyboard to give it more movement of space to your mouse.

What is the best keyboard for CS:GO?

CS:GO keyboard

Next we are going to give you a few examples of what can be a good keyboard for CS:GO according to what we have explained in the previous section. Keep in mind that this is indicative and that you can choose any keyboard that matches the specifications that we are going to show you, you can even choose versions with a numeric keypad.

The first of them is the Logitech G PRO TKL which is a compact keyboard with RGB lighting included and that makes use of the Swiss brand’s proprietary mechanical switches. GX Blue, GX Red or GX Brown, which are equivalent in performance to the Cherry MX. Also, if you ever need to change a key due to wear or breakage, you have to know that it is designed to be able to replace them easily.

The second keyboard for CS:GO is similar to the first, it is the K4 RGB TKL by Xtrfy, with very similar specifications to the Logitech one and like this one, it does not have PBT-type keycaps as standard, but this is designed to reduce costs, luckily we can also change them easily if we are interested. As for its switches, these are equivalent in performance to those of a Cherry MX Red and there are even people who say that they work more smoothly, but with the particularity that they do not have the RGB light below the switch, but above it. .

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