If you were lazy to see She Hulk, this is everything that has happened that will affect the MCU

surprises everywhere

If there is a word that perfectly defines this first season of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk it’s unpredictable. We also have some crazy cameos and references that get us into an episode in which Jen goes to a wedding. Among the surprises that have excited fans the most is the return of Abomination, the main villain of the forgotten film. The incredible Hulkthe various appearances of the Daredevil character in the series, as well as the cameo appearance of the Hulk’s son Skaar.

But, although all these references have undoubtedly surprised us, the part of the series that has left fans the most speechless has been the climax of the end of season.

In this ending, we discover that on the farm where he is staying Emil Blonsky a meeting of the Intelligence group is taking place, a group of people, led by one of Jen’s ex-boyfriends, who were in charge of revealing She-Hulk’s confidential information to discredit her. So, Jen and Abomination (who, let’s remember, is prohibited from transforming again if she wants to stay on parole) come into this event. That’s when Jen’s ex-boyfriend injects himself with a dose of She-Hulk’s blood to gain Hulk powers, just as Bruce Banner and Titania, one of our protagonist’s rivals, appear out of nowhere and a pitched battle begins.

In a plot twist we didn’t see coming, Jen says this isn’t how this show should end, and in one of those trolling you don’t expect, She-Hulk steps out of her show into the Disney Plus Marvel menu and into the show. from Marvel Reunited, which leads her to the Marvel Studios offices to talk to Kevin Feige and tell him to change his series ending. A WTF of the greats.

And what does this mean for the future?

This end of the season places several pieces on the game board for us. Marvel Studios. First of all, it shows us that the studio knows how to break the fourth wall properly, so we believe that Deadpool is in good hands.

Also, in the post-credits scene it is revealed that wong takes Emil Blonsky to Kamar Taj, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw the Abomination in future projects with Wong.

she hulk

The appearance of Hulk’s son Skaar could mean that Marvel Studios is preparing a bigger story for the green giant that we could see in future Marvel movies like in Captain America: New World Orderin which it has been confirmed that the Hulks will be very important.

Another fact that is confirmed for us is that the controversial Sokovia Agreements, which were the trigger for the civil war between heroes that we saw in Captain America: Civil Warwere revoked, so superheroes now They are free to operate when and where they please.

Last but not least, it places us at Daredevil as a character to keep in mind and who already rubs shoulders with the greats of the company like Bruce Banner, as well as it is dropped that he could have a lasting relationship with She-Hulk.

And you? Do you now want to know how the story of She-Hulk continues?

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