If your antivirus does not have these functions, you can start thinking about changing it

Largely due to the dangers that lie in wait for us on the computer, the installation and use of a antivirus It has become almost mandatory. We have a huge number of titles of this type to choose from in order to protect our equipment and its data.

Of course, this choice we make is more important than it might seem at first. But first of all we must take into consideration that the antivirus that we are talking about will be in charge of keep our team safe, operating system, applications and personal data. This means that the importance of security software that we are going to trust and that will serve as a filter for attacks that may reach us is undeniable.

Going into the matter, it must be said that we can opt for a free security solution, or bet on a more advanced payment proposal. These programs are usually offered on a subscription basis for a year or two and for a certain number of computers. This allows us to pay more or less for the security program depending on our needs or preferences. But we cannot forget that at the same time we have basic antivirus that we can use without spending a single euro.

When it comes to protecting ourselves from the last malicious codes, the free version of these programs may serve to meet these needs. However, both end users, and especially companies, want to go a step further in this regard. With all this we mean to pay for this antivirus and at the same time enjoy some very interesting additional functions.

That is why we are going to talk about some of the Additional functions that are usually found in antivirus when we pay a little more for the software.

Why we are interested in paying more for an antivirus

  • vpn: the integration of a virtual private network or VPN will be very helpful in these cases to increase privacy when browsing. This is an additional element that many security companies offer us with their products.
  • password manager: There are many stand-alone password managers, in addition to those built into web browsers themselves. That is why some antiviruses offer us their own function of this type in order to protect all our personal passwords in the best way.
  • purchase protection: online commerce has increased considerably in recent years. That is precisely why many of these security programs incorporate their own function to protect our purchases over the Internet.
  • encryption function: on certain occasions and with some files, for example, those belonging to the office automation sectors, we need additional protection. Hence precisely the encryption or encryption features that some antiviruses offer us among their functionalities.
  • Parental control: In the event that we have minor children and they are going to use our computer, parental control will be very helpful. This way we will have the opportunity to control, manage and limit the use of the PC and the Internet by them.
  • System optimization: At the moment some antiviruses even offer us basic functions to improve the operation and optimize the operating system.

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