If your Mac is slow here we show you how to fix it

slow mac

There can be many reasons why a Mac is very slow. The slowness of an operating system is not always related to its age, since we can also find this problem in very recent computers.

Next, we show you a complete guide where we are going to help you diagnose the most common problems that can affect the performance of a Mac and thus be able to find an effective solution.

storage is full

mac storage space

One of the main reasons why our Mac can be slower than normal is due to a lack of storage. all operating system requires minimal space available for use as virtual memory when RAM is low.

We must always ensure that our team has approximately 10% of total free storage space. Using storage platforms to store files that we usually use is a good option.

Also copy to an external hard drive all the content that we do not use regularly such as photos, videos, movies… or upload them to a cloud storage platform to always have them at hand.

All the most used current storage platforms (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive…) They work on demand.

In other words, we can access the complete list of available files as if they were stored in a directory on our computer, but they are only downloaded when we open them or when we download them manually to always have it on hand.

Once we have finished editing a document, automatically uploaded back to the cloudso it will no longer be taking up space on our hard drive.

free up space mac system

The article free up space on the Mac that we published a few days ago, we show you a complete guide with all the steps to follow in order to get additional storage space on your Mac.

In that guide, we also show you how to check and delete the space that the System occupies, a problem that Apple still does not solve with each new version of macOS.

Too many apps open

If you don’t need to use an application that you have open, the only use of not closing it is so that the performance of our equipment is affected.

Open applications take up space in the device’s RAM memory and over time, if the number is very high, they can affect the performance of the computer, making it slower, so it is convenient to check them when our computer is slow.

The fastest method to see how many applications you have open is through the keyboard shortcut Option + Command + Esc. This keyboard shortcut will open a window with all the open applications on our Mac.

To close any of them, we just have to select it and click on the Force exit button. This feature is also extremely useful when an application has stopped responding and there is no way to use it again.

Restart the Mac

Shut down, restart or sleep Mac with keyboard shortcut

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most absurd and this case is no exception. Restarting a computer, regardless of the operating system by which it is managed, in most cases solves a performance problem, including if our computer works slower than normal.

If you’re one of those users who tend to put your Mac to sleep instead of shutting it down when you know you won’t be using it for a few hours, you should try restarting your computer to clear all application cache, close open programs, and Free up RAM memory.

Limit the number of applications that start with your Mac

If your computer, in addition to running very slowly, takes forever to start up, the first thing you should consider is checking the number of applications that start with your computer.

When installing applications such as Spotify, Google Drive, Dropbox… these are included in the start of our system so that we always have them at hand when we want to use them, especially in the case of storage applications.

Not so in Spotify, an application that does not need to start with our computer every time we start it like other applications that open, just in case, they are not needed at some point.

To check and limit the number of applications that open each time we start our computer, we must perform the steps that I show you below:

  1. ‎Open «‎‎System Preferences‎«
  2. ‎Go to‎‎»Users and groups»‎«
  3. ‎Make sure your username is selected in the left panel.‎
  4. ‎Select the tab «‎‎Elements ‎‎login «.‎
  5. ‎Click the program you want to remove from the list of startup items.‎
  6. ‎Click the minus sign below the list to remove the selected program from autostart.‎

Update to the latest version of macOS available

Monterey 12.1

Another reason why our Mac may have stopped working as it did at the beginning, we find it in outdated versions of macOS.

If your device is compatible with newer versions of macOS, you should update if you want to enjoy the latest features. performance improvements that Apple includes in addition to the usual security enhancements and new features that are included.

Speed ​​of our internet connection

measure internet speed

If we only find the performance problem in an application that works through the internet or when we are browsing, you should do a speed test to check if we are looking for solutions for a problem that is not found on our device.

One of the best web pages to measure our connection speed along with the ping is the one that Netflix makes available to us (whether or not we are subscribers):

What to do to make my Mac go faster

Switch to an SSD

change mac hard drive

Apple has taken many years to remove mechanical hard drives of all Macs, so if you bought a Mac mini, Mac Pro, or iMac before 2021, chances are you’re using such a hard drive instead of an SSD. If so, you have the possibility to easily change it yourself without going through Apple technical support.

The SSD (Solid State Drive), reach a much higher read and write speeds than traditional hard disks (HD), since they do not include a physical disk that spins to read and write information.

Unfortunately, Apple’s policy, unlike other manufacturers, goes through disallow users to upgrade their newer computers since they solder both the RAM and the storage drive to the board.

Expand RAM memory

expand RAM memory

The more, the better. This applies perfectly to any computer equipment. But, just like with the hard drive, if your equipment is modernyou can now forget about expanding it, since it is soldered to the plate.

But nevertheless, if your equipment is old, you will not have any problem expanding the amount of RAM available, as long as it is not soldered. If you want to know if you can expand the memory of your computer, you can go through the following links.

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