If you’re a Prime user, Amazon has a Christmas present for you

Although most users sign up for Amazon Prime for the free shipping, this service offers many other advantages to all its customers. In addition to being able to access other company services, such as Prime Video or Music, it also allows its users to get certain content completely free of charge, such as the games that Prime Gaming gives away each month, or the new Christmas present that we are going to tell you about. to talk today.

Audible is one of many companies owned by Amazon. Users who do not have time to read, thanks to this platform we will be able to access hundreds of audiobooks, narrated by the authors themselves or by famous actors, so that we can enjoy that novel that we wanted to read so much while we walk or do any other task. Among many others, some of the most interesting books that we can find on the platform are “In case the voices return”, narrated by Ángel Martín, “Sherlock Holmes” read by José Coronado, or “Alice in Wonderland” narrated by the well-known Michelle Jenner.

This service works under a subscription that is not included in the Amazon Prime package. In other words, if we want to listen to Audible audiobooks, we will have to pay 9.99 euros every month to access this platform.

But, although the service is not included in the Amazon Prime pack, if you already pay for this subscription, Amazon has a gift for you this Christmas.

3 months free of Audible for Amazon Prime members

If you have not yet taken advantage of this offer before, if you are an Amazon Prime user you already have your first Christmas gift. Simply by going to the Audible website and logging in with your Amazon account, you will be able to redeem these 3 free months of the service.

3 months free Audible

During this trial period you will be able to make unlimited use of the platform, access more than 90,000 books, in all languages, that are available, listen to it offline, from any device, etc. The experience of the trial period is identical to the service if we pay, without restrictions, so we can know for sure how the service works.

After redeeming the offer, Audible may ask us for a payment method. It is not necessary to add it, and by ignoring the messages we can use this service for free during the entire trial period. But, if we introduce it, it is important to know that nothing will be charged while it lasts. Of course, once the trial period ends we will have to cancel so that the subscription is not renewed automatically.

We remember that Amazon Prime costs 4.49 euros per month, or 49.90 euros per year. Also, if you are not yet an Amazon Prime user, you can get the first month free. And, with it, activate the Audible subscription to start enjoying this service.

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