If you’re going to buy the best-selling NVIDIA graphics card, you better wait

The launch of Intel Arc cards is being quite rushed. First of all, the launch has been very controlled and they were launched first in South Korea, then China and then in the rest of the world. In addition, the first drivers gave many problems and the release of the improved driver took more than a month to arrive.

Intel takes direct aim at NVIDIA

graphics cards NVIDIA RTX 3060 They are currently one of the best sellers on the market. These offer an excellent quality/price ratio and, in addition, support Ray Tracing and DLSS. That the new Intel graphics card can compete with this is already a first step.

According to the results by Intel, the Arc A750 graphic offers an average of +3% more performance in 1080p than NVIDIA graphics. For 1440p resolution, it would offer an average of +5% more performance in a total of 43 games based on the DirectX 12 API. Under the Vulkan API, they have achieved up to +4% in 1080p and up to +5% in resolution 1440p.

We do not know the specifications of this graphics card, as the company has not revealed them. Speculations say that the Arc A750 would have 24 Xe Cores, which are equivalent to 3072 Stream Processors. It would be accompanied, according to rumours, by 12GB GDDR6 with a 192-bit memory interface.

It seems that Intel uses the same “trick” as AMD in its graphics cards. AMD graphics (and Intel) have fewer Stream Processors than NVIDIA CUDA Cores, but they are comparable in performance. This they get increasing the frequencies a lot of work, hence the returns are equal.

According to Intel, for the tests the Core i9-12900Ka kit of memories Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 @ 4800 MHz 32 GB (2×16 GB) and one SSD Corsair MP600 Pro XT 4TB. We have to say that it is a rather absurd configuration for graphics cards that are somewhere between the entry and mid-range range. A Core i5 or at most a Core i7 would have been more realistic.

Good data, but…

As always, the data offered by manufacturers usually have a certain trick. Then we must see in more realistic environments how these components perform. When they are released and we see the first benchmarks, we will really see if they measure up or not in reality.

Then there is the price factor of the Intel Arc A750 graphics card. If it really comes out at a price of over 300 euros, as has been speculated, it could be sold very easily. We would talk about a difference of about 150 euros compared to the NVIDIA RTX 3060. But of course, Intel has not even said the launch date at the moment, it has only been said that it will arrive by the end of the year.

Also, NVIDIA is planning to launch the RTX 40 Series by the end of the year, so we will see the situation again then.

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