If you’ve lost your Apple Watch, don’t worry. You can find it by following these steps

Find your lost Apple Watch

I think losing something of our property upsets and quite a bit. However, if we lose a technological device on top of that, the annoyance is combined with a feeling of frustration and anger that can make you scream. If what you lose is the iPhone, it gives us the seven evils, but losing the Apple Watch means that we are losing an essence of ourselves. At least for me, because the Apple Watch is very useful to me and I do almost everything with it. Even calls and note tasks in the calendar and since they have improved the dictation, much more. But nothing happens, in principle, if we lose it, thanks to Apple technology that We can recover it by following a series of very simple steps. Let’s go there.

Find My Watch can help us find a lost or stolen Apple Watch

Apple knows that its gadgets are very good and expensive. That is why he knows that they are in the crosshairs of those who like what belongs to others and do not want to pay for it. We may even be a little clueless and lose the clock. Imagine that we just did an activity and we had left the clock in the locker. When we change, we forget in a hurry or because we received a call at that moment and we left in a hurry. The clock stays there and when we realize it, the burden that enters us It makes us not think calmly and in the steps that must be followed.

That is why we are going to try to capture them here in a simple way so that when it happens to us (hopefully not), we know well what we have to do and thus be able to recover our Apple Watch as soon as possible.

If you have an Apple Watch, the most normal thing is that you have an iPhone. This is the one that will help you quickly locate the forgotten and even stolen watch. We are going to give you the key to the whole argument: iCloud.

iCloud is not only Apple’s cloud storage medium where you can store documents, photos or whatever interests you most. This service is what makes Apple devices connected as if by magic. Hand Off works thanks to iCloud. If you have multiple Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account, you will know that the messages, calls and others are received at the same time in all of them. It’s wonderful to be able to answer from the Mac the call they make to me if I have the iPhone, for example, in another room.

Back to the topic. iCloud will allow me to detect where the lost Apple Watch is. The first time we started Apple Watch, we set up iCloud Find. Even if you don’t remember it, or you changed your watch a long time ago, you sure did. That will be what will save us. Keep in mind that if you didn’t do it at the time on the watch, nothing happens because if you set it on the iPhone, it is automatically duplicated on the watch.

If you do not have it, but reading this you have decided that it is better to activate it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. open the app Settings.
  2. Tap your name, then Search.
  3. Tap Find my device, and then tap activate Search.
  4. To see the device even when it’s offline, activate the Search network.
  5. If you want the device to send its location to Apple when the battery is low, activate Send last location.
  6. If you want to locate your lost device on a map, make sure location is turned on. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on this feature. VERY IMPORTANT

Let’s keep going. The first thing isLocate the Find Appon the iPhone:

App search on iOS

We enter it and we can use the functionality of finding my Apple Watch. When you use the Find My app, Apple Watch with GPS and Cellular Data can use GPS and a secure Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to show you its approximate location. Note that the Apple Watch Series 1 does not have GPS, so you will see the location of your linked iPhone or its Wi-Fi connection. IN this case the operation of finding the clock is a bit more complicated but not impossible.

How can we locate the Apple Watch on a map

We open the Search App or log in to; The fastest is the application without a doubt. In addition, we will be able to locate all the other Apple devices that we have with a stroke of the pen. If the clock is close, we can press “Play sound” to find it. The clock will continue to beep until the Override button is pressed. If it is not nearby and therefore we cannot hear it, we can locate it on the map and follow its route until we find it. Sometimes we are lucky and it has stayed somewhere and we can get to it and rescue it. If it has been stolen from us, that is another story. But we still have some time to being able to follow him around the map if he moves.

Apple Watch located on map

If we can’t locate Apple Watch on a map

If we didn’t turn on Find My before your Apple Watch was lost or stolen, and the watch isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, cellular data, or a paired iPhone, you will not be able to use it to locate the device. But we can always protect our information by putting the clock in lost mode.

Again from the Find My App we can put the clock in lost mode. We enter, locate the device and activate the Mark as lost option. We continue and enter a phone number where they can reach us. Now we can write a message so that whoever finds it realizes who it is. We just have to click on activate and that’s it. In that instant. we will receive an email confirming that we have put the Apple Watch in Lost mode.

Remember that when the watch is in Lost mode, The password will be required before you can turn off Find My, erase the watch, or pair it with another iPhone. It is highly recommended to change your Apple ID password. In this way we prevent anyone from accessing iCloud information or using other services on the device that you have lost. And by the way. it is good to report the loss or theft of the device to the police.

lost apple watch

There’s a cool feature on the iPhone that reminds us that we’ve parted ways with another Apple device. Activate it and avoid all of the above.

The iPhone can notify us that we parted ways with the Apple Watch

From iOS 15 we can activate a function in which the iPhone can notify us that we are separated from another of our Apple devices. That is good because we can avoid losing it or if it has been stolen from us, act quickly and find it. It is activated as follows:

  1. Enter the App Search of your iPhone.
  2. Tap down on Devices what you want to be notified of.
  3. Click on your Apple Watch.
  4. slide the tab bottom up.
  5. Click on the option Notify when I don’t take it with me.
  6. Active the switch.
  7. Below you can indicate frequent locations so that it does not notify you if you leave it in those places.

I hope it been usefull.

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