IFA: the Berlin trade fair dedicated to tech will take place in 2022

The IFA in Berlin, the European exhibition dedicated to technology, will be held well in 2022. Excellent news for brands, journalists, but also consumers who will be able to discover new products there. The last edition was held in 2019.


After two years of COVID, life is slowly picking up again. This is also the case for exhibitions dedicated to technology. Next September, the IFA in Berlin will take place, announced the organizer. Great news for the industry.

It will be held from September 2 to 6, 2022 at Messe Berlin, a major exhibition center in the German capital. As usual, journalists and industry players will be present, but also the general public, the show being open to all.

IFA 2022, a special edition

This great return will obviously be special. Brands have been chomping at the bit for two years. Many have already confirmed their presence at the show, confides the organization, and the Messe Berlin has already reopened its doors for other events. Everything is ready. Remember that the IFA is the privileged place for brands to announce their new computer and mobile products, but not only. It is also the place where appliances are king. It is here that the latest innovations in the sector are seen for the first time.

2022 therefore marks the great return of trade fairs. At the beginning of the year, CES was held in Las Vegas after a year’s absence. However, the event was a real fiasco. We were then in the middle of an Omicron wave and brands canceled one after another, leaving journalists to wander through empty aisles.

This false start was made up for by the MWC show in Barcelona. This last behaved quite normally (with the necessary sanitary measures) and allowed manufacturers to present their latest innovations. Life is gradually resuming, even if the pandemic is still far from ancient history. We can only hope that the IFA will follow the same path, all this provided that a new epidemic wave does not come to play spoilsports.

We will of course be on hand to cover the news and take control of the products announced at the show.

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