IFit Introduces iSelect – Smart Self-Adjusting Dumbbells

If you love to play sports at least sometimes, then obviously you will not deny that a product such as adjustable dumbbells can be an incredibly useful simulator both in your home and in specialized gyms. However, at the same time, it cannot be denied that the need to manually adjust the weight can cause some inconvenience to some people. This is especially unpleasant for those people who, during sports exercise, try to maintain a certain heart rate during exercise.

IFit NordicTrack can help solve this problem, because in this case the above-mentioned action will be performed by the voice assistant Alexa. And if you go into details, the aforementioned brand has officially introduced its own adjustable dumbbells called iSelect, which can use a third-party Alexa-enabled device in order to quickly adjust the weight from 2.2 to 22 kilograms in 2.2 kilogram increments. using a motorized selector.

In the case of the above product, you can set the exact weight you need, “adjust it to a relative amount,” or switch to special presets designed for typical exercises such as curls and deadlifts. And although this is an extremely pleasant moment, it still cannot be called truly surprising. This is about the fact that the above dumbbells are perfectly combined with the iFit fitness subscription for $ 39 a month. It is also worth mentioning that there is even a tablet holder on the weighing tray, designed so that you can use your own screen and absolutely any sports courses and services, in addition to the iFit mentioned above.

This can make sense especially for those people whose home space is rather limited. Be that as it may, these dumbbells are already available for purchase on Amazon for $ 429. This is certainly expensive, especially when compared to many conventional, off-the-shelf kits. However, of course, if convenience and ease of weight adjustment are more important for you than price, then for you, most likely, the above-mentioned price will be justified.

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