iFixit highlights for good the battery change options in the new MacBook Pros

Since last year 2012, the MacBook Pros did not have a “simple” way to change the battery of Apple computers. Looks like these new MacBook Pros in a preview from iFixit indicates a somewhat friendlier way in the event of having to replace the battery.

From iPhoneHacks, they offer us some details of these first impressions of iFixit and the truth is that they are quite encouraging in case of having problems with a port or even with the keyboard. Going back to easy-to-repair products is not common on Apple computers but in this case it seems that something was improved.

Waiting for the iFixit breakdown on video

In recent times, the videos of iFixit disassembling products from Apple and other technology firms are becoming a success. Previously we saw very extensive and complete articles with the details of these teardowns and now in addition to these articles, the videos are added.

What is clear is that the options to repair Apple devices are rather fair in every way. Many components welded and many others glued they greatly complicate the options to repair in case of problems. In this case, the new MacBook Pro seem to offer a very interesting battery change option for the technicians in charge of this task, offering a simple repair option as the firm’s equipment had before 2012, when the internal design changed and complicated the change of this important component.

We’re looking forward to watching the teardown video and will post it on the web as soon as it’s released.

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