Ikea adds AirPlay 2 to Symfonisk bookshelf speakers

Sonos IKEA

Some time ago, the Swedish firm Ikea launched the bookshelf design speakers together with the firm Sonos. Collaborations between these two companies are common and it seems that on this occasion the interior of the speaker was updated with components that make it AirPlay 2 compatible, in addition to adding several minor updates.

Ikea It was created hand in hand by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 and started as a catalog business in the forested town of Ă„lmhult in Sweden. Today, it is a global brand of home products that brings affordability, design and good prices. Some products such as these lamps are compatible with Apple AirPlay thanks to the collaborations with the Sonos firm, a firm dedicated exclusively to sound.

The bookshelf speaker is now AirPlay 2 compatible

The revamped bookshelf speakers released show the same overall design and shape as the first models, but have an improved processor, additional memory, and better power efficiency when in standby mode, according to the Dutch tech website Tweakers. Thanks to this they add compatibility with AirPlay 2.

It is a new version of the speakers launched during 2019 and, like the Original Symfonisk Speakers Unveiled in 2019, this new generation is available in black and white. It also retains support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi network. In September 2021, Ikea also updated its Symfonisk lamps with similar changes to this bookshelf speaker.

Currently the new models are available in the Netherlands, but it is not known when they will be available globally. The new generation of the lamp, which is also AirPlay 2 compatible, featured some design changes, increased customization options, and an improved sound experience.

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