IKEA and SONOS launch a totally new and improved SYMFONISK coffee table

The partnership between the popular firm IKEA and SONOS is known throughout the world. On this occasion, both brands had been working for some time on the design and improvement of the table or bedside lamp from the SYMFONISK range. After a time in which they have been working together to improve the design and sound performance of this lamp, both firms present the update of the popular lamp that offers the user the functionality of a smart lamp coupled with a smart speaker.

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Various design combinations and new improved sound architecture for the SYMFONISK

In this case, the presentation of the new SYMFONISK offers the biggest difference from the previous model presented a couple of years ago, its customizable design options. So the user can choose from a variety of lamp bases and lampshades, as well as a wider range of bulbs thanks to the E26 or E27 socket.

Also as with current SONOS models, this new table lamp connects via WiFi and it can be used as a single sound source in a room, or it can be connected to other Sonos brand speakers we already have in the home.

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The sound of this new table lamp from IKEA and SONOS adds a completely new acoustic architecture. In this sense, the quality of SONOS speakers is something we know well around here and while we wait to test this new lamp we dare to confirm that its sound will be spectacular. Can you imagine a pair of these speaker lamps in a room? Smart sound and light with its own design that offers a perfect combination with the rest of the smart devices of both firms.

The new IKEA AND SONOS bedside lamp will be available from October 2021 in IKEA stores and on, in North America and in select locations in Europe. It is expected that by 2022 it will already be available worldwide in the absence of knowing the official price.

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