IKEA and Sonos team up to introduce SYMFONISK speaker frame

In this case, the popular firm Ikea joins with Sonos again to present a speaker in the form of a photo frame or painting, yes, something totally different than combines the good of this signature decor with the sound quality of a Sonos speaker.

IKEA launched the first SYMFONISK Wi-Fi speakers in collaboration with Sonos in 2019 and since then they have not ceased in their efforts to launch new and better products. In this case, in the second collaboration between both brands, sound, art and home decoration are seamlessly integrated, solidifying this alliance created between IKEA and Sonos.

Symfonisk ikea

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The SYMFONISK frame has a built-in slim Wi-Fi speaker that is fully compatible with the Sonos range as well as other Wi-Fi speakers in the SYMFONISK family. This speaker is a perfect symphony of excellent sound with a beautiful, simple design.

A speaker full of surprises

Symfonisk ikea sonos

“Surround sound that comes from a place you don’t expect.” That is how Stjepan Begic, a product developer at IKEA, describes the sound of this speaker. It is very easy to connect it to your home Wi-Fi and it emits a clean sound throughout your home.

According to IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson, the loudspeaker was inspired by the following idea: “make sound a part of home décor”. “You don’t have to put a speaker at full volume; you can place a loudspeaker in each room and choose the music, “he explains. Music has the power to change the atmosphere of any space, and good sound does it with ease, without you even realizing it. “You don’t really have to think about a good sound, it’s just there”Andreas comments.

Ikea speaker panels

The new speakers from Sonos along with IKEA have the SYMFONISK name and join the rest of the products with a similar name. In this case the frame with WiFi speaker is priced at € 199 It is made of 100% polyester and ABS plastic and its measurements are: 41 × 6, Height 57cm. Later we can buy different frames to our liking for this curious speaker, each of them has a price of 16 euros and all this will be available from next July 15 in our country.

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