IKEA wants you to create the perfect setup with its new gaming range

IKEA wants you to build the perfect setup

Taking into account that more and more players pay attention to the configuration of their desk and the decoration around it, IKEA has decided to focus on this type of furniture to meet an existing demand in the market. Thus, more than 30 different products are born, organized in various families, being able to find chairs, tables with motorized lift, drawers and decoration and organization elements.

One of the elements that could attract the most attention are the UPPSPEL desk tables. This is the only product with which IKEA has received the help of ROG from ASUS, giving life to a table to which we can adjust the height according to our needs. Thus, if we are tired of spending many hours in the chair, we can change to a vertical position to continue working.

Another element that could be in high demand is the gaming chair. Here IKEA has presented several different models with which to offer all kinds of prices. Starting at 59 euros with the HUVUDSPELARE, and reaching 299 euros with the GRUPPSPEL. In total there will be 4 different gaming chairs available in several different colors, with different finishes and ergonomics.

Some interesting accessories

IKEA Gaming

Among the many products presented we will find some curious accessories that will dress the gaming environment that you set up in your room. Thus, for example, we will have the cup holder that will allow us to have a cup at hand on the edge of the desk, or the articulated wooden hand that will be in charge of holding cables, headphones or whatever you “have at hand”.

There will be no shortage of the lighting ring, so demanded to perform live streaming and remain perfectly illuminated. This ring comes in a flexible articulated arm that also has a second arm in which to place the mobile phone. This will be another accessory that could be in high demand among the public, especially for its price of 29 euros.

IKEA Gaming

When can these accessories be purchased?

IKEA Gaming

The entire IKEA gaming range will hit the brand’s stores from October 1, so it won’t be for a few weeks when you can get hold of the new chair and the entire arsenal of accessories to assemble your dream desk. Remember that we have a guide on how to assemble the perfect streaming setup, so you could take ideas to complete your configuration with other accessories that cannot be found in the Swedish catalog.

Are you going to buy any of these products? Taking into account the good prices that IKEA usually has on its products, we will probably see from now on more than one streamer with one of these accessories poking through the camera.

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