IKEA will sell this smart sensor to measure air quality

IKEA VINDSTYRKA Air quality monitor

There is a smart device that is having an increasing presence in many homes around the world. This is the air quality monitor, a device that is responsible for notifying you at all times of the state of the air you breathe at home, in order to know if there is any type of agent that is contaminating the air we breathe. There are many models on the market, but very soon there will be a model that could be a bestseller. And yes, it’s from IKEA.

The IKEA air quality monitor

He VINDSTYRKA It is a very interesting air quality sensor. It has a rather striking screen from which we can see all the information related to the air qualityas is the index of particulate matter (PM)the room temperature and the humidity. With all this data, the device determines the quality of the air present, showing with an indicator if the result is positive (green), if you should be careful (yellow) or if the air is directly dangerous (red).

It is also capable of offering information on total organic compounds, thus allowing a much more complete view of what is happening in the environment and whether there are polluting gases that could affect us.

What use is it?

IKEA VINDSTYRKA Air quality monitor

In addition to being able to know the state of the air, the interesting thing about knowing this data is that it helps us to act and find a solution. A stuffy environment is quickly solved by ventilating by opening the windows. This is something that became especially necessary in the midst of a pandemic, where CO2 levels had to be kept under control.

If you are completely into home automation, using those values ​​you could start an air purifier to start working, or a humidifier to refresh the environment. We do not know if the IKEA product allows you to use this data with third-party functions, but it is most likely that sooner or later the possibility of integrating it into Home Assistant, for example, will appear.

Independent and connected

IKEA VINDSTYRKA Air quality monitor

Those who want to use the monitor as a stand-alone information point will only have to buy the device and place it wherever they want at home. But in the event that they need to obtain the data from their mobile phone, they must buy the DIRIGERA communications bridge so that, with the data obtained, it can send orders to the STARKVIND air purifier, also from IKEA.

In this way, you can have the task of purifying and maintaining a healthy environment at home or in the office automated without having to do practically anything.

Can it be purchased now?

The brand has announced that its smart air monitor will arrive in its stores starting in AprilAlthough the date could be different depending on the country, so you will have to wait until then to buy it. At the moment we do not know anything about its price, so we continue with the great doubt.

Fountain: IKEA

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