“I’m already a princess!”: 2-year-old girl celebrates that she no longer has a “Batman mark” on her face

Luna Tavares-Fenner, the little girl whose image a few months ago went around the world because she had a quirky birthmark on the face in the shape of Batman, today you can finally celebrate that it disappeared, because was operated successfully to remove it.

The two-year-old girl had to travel from her native Florida, in the United States, to Russia to receive an innovative photovoltaic treatment that little by little it was reducing the brand that covered part of her cheeks, nose, and eyelids. The final surgery was in the Krasnodar city and this was a success, according to the specialists.

Thanks to this pioneering therapy in Russia and that is not yet available in North America, it was prevented that in a future Moon could get skin cancersaid the doctors. The Mirror states that Pavel popov, the doctor who treated the girl, said that after the treatment, she herself said “My black stain is gone, I am already a princess!“.

This innovative medical process was divided into six sessions and is not invasive, since it only uses special medicines called photosensitizing agents, that combine with light for kill cancer cells, which can be applied in two ways, directly to the skin or through the bloodstream, according to information from the American Cancer Society.

Luna will need more surgeries

Although the photovoltaic therapy achieved remove the birthmark that looked like a Batman mask, does not mean that the intervention with Luna is over. Although the “medical part” concluded, as of January the little two-year-old will require aesthetic treatment to correct the scars that remained.

“Let’s let Luna rest and later on, our goal is to make sure that she does not have any complexes when she reaches the age where she is concerned about her appearance,” explained her doctor, who is sure that when the whole process is over, she will have Big results.

Luna traveled to Russia with her parents, Carolina, and Thiago, who launched a fundraising campaign to raise the thousands of dollars they required to be able to move to that country and receive treatment in Krasnodar; In addition, they had the help from an anonymous Russian donor.


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