iMac Pro: could return in 2021

Soon it will be a year since what seemed to be the farewell of the iMac Pro, Apple’s AIO with which the company intended to offer a workstation but with the design of its AIO desktop, the popular iMac. At the time it seemed like a sensible decision, so let’s talk about a system whose base version was priced at 5,000 euros, which could amount to 15,000 in its top-of-the-range version. It was certainly a rocket, but Apple’s decision last year made us think that this proposal had not finished penetrating.

But nevertheless, now it seems that last year might not have been a goodbye, but a see you later, or more specifically “Until next year”, or at least that is the possibility that Mark Gurman raises this week in his newsletter. Specifically, this system would come to replace the 27-inch iMac, which is one of the few systems that has not yet made the leap from Intel to Apple Silicon. With the arrival of the iMac Pro, therefore, this would become the only option to have a 27-inch Apple AIO.

However, if this movement is confirmed, it would be somewhat worrying, since the base version of the current 27-inch iMac costs €1,999, compared to the €5,000 that, as we have previously mentioned, was the starting price of the iMac Pro. so much, It would no longer be possible to get a large iMac for a price reasonably close to today’s, and I recognize that this generates some doubts.

Be that as it may, Gurman claims that the new iMac Pro will be unveiled sometime this year, and that it will come equipped with a special version of the Apple M1 Max, which would have 12 cores, instead of the 10 of the version presented in October of last year. This would be, therefore, one more proof that Apple still intends to squeeze more versions of the first generation of its Apple Silicon SoC, before making the leap to the expected M2.

As for its design, Gurman expects the new iMac Pro to be aesthetically similar to the 2021 iMacs, although he expects the variety of colors to be substantially less. An important change, yes, is that for its screen, Apple would have chosen to mount a mini-LED panel with ProMotion technology.

If we add the iMac Pro to the list of possible Apple launches for this 2022, it seems that this is going to be a very important year for Apple, with a profound renewal of its catalog in practically all the families of all its product lines. Now, if this iMac Pro is confirmed, it will be interesting to see what its position is, that is, if Apple tries to reproduce the same thing that was proposed with the iMac Pro with Intel or, on the contrary, bets on an intermediate position between the iMac and the new iMac Pro, which we also expect for this year.

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