Images of a double USB-C charger from Apple are filtered

double charger

It has been rumored for days that Apple is going to launch a wall charger with a dual USB-C connection with 35 W of power, so that two devices can be charged at the same time.

Well, now what would be the first images of said charger, with the standard outlet for the United States, have just been leaked on Twitter. So soon, we will have it available in the Apple accessories catalog.

Some images have just been leaked on Twitter that “allegedly” belong to the new charger that Apple plans to launch on the market. A 35 W charger with the novelty of having two USB-C connections, and thus being able to charge two devices at the same time.

ChargerLAB has posted on its bill Twitter some images of the new Apple charger, but it is unknown where this information comes from. Unlike Apple’s current 20W USB-C power adapter, the images show that the new 35W charger will have foldable wall plugs. The two USB-C ports are seen arranged side by side, and not one on top of the other as is common in most multiple USB chargers from other manufacturers.

If it really comes out with 35 W of power, it will have enough capacity to charge two devices simultaneously without any problem. It will even be able to charge a MacBook Air M1 in less time than the original charger that came in the MacBook box.

We will see when Apple launches this new charger on the market. Many of us who use multi-chargers from other brands will certainly buy it. A good quality charger is very important. It prevents you from having scares of current overloads in your device if it overheats and fails. Sometimes we don’t think about such a problem, and we plug our expensive Apple devices into any charger of more than dubious quality, and then the problems come.

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