Images of what the Apple Watch Series 7 actually looks like

Apple Watch Series 7 real

Although we already know what the Apple Watch Series 7 will be like and there is little to be rumored with in terms of design and performance. it is true that we still do not have a clear idea of ​​how it will be in real life. These new images leaked on the social network Facebook, can show us what it would be like. We don’t know if it’s just a montage or reality of who he claims to be who has leaked the snapshots on the clock. We will take this information for what it is, just a rumor.

Although the Apple Watch Series 7 was announced last month along with the iPhone 13, iPad Mini and some other news, we are still waiting for the official date by Apple for its release in the market. The latest rumors indicate that shipments of the watch could start in a couple of weeks or even less. But there are those who want to anticipate events. He has leaked on Facebook what are supposed to be real images of the Apple Watch Series 7. The new images posted on Facebook allegedly show what the watch looks like.

Finally, the Apple Watch does not feature the flat-edge design but it does feature a significantly larger screen. Apple says it has reduced the size of the bezels by 40%, allowing nearly 20% more screen area than the Apple Watch Series 6 and 50% more screen area than the Series 3. Something that can be seen in the photographs that we show you above. These images were allegedly posted on a Facebook group, by someone who claimed to have a very close relationship with those who were conducting the tests. The images were removed from the social network, but not before being rescued by the specialized magazine MacRumors.

Only time will tell if they are true or not.

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