Imagination launches its family of RISC-V CPUs

The British firm Imagination went through a golden age when it became, for quite a long period of time, the official supplier of GPU solutions for Apple iPhone, and also for their iPads. When the apple company decided to do without it to use its own GPUs, many believed that Imagination was going to be in a difficult position, but the truth is that, in the end, it has not had any problem moving forward, and of In fact, you have just started a very interesting adventure with your line of RISC-V CPUs.

Catapult is the name given to this new series of RISC-V CPUs from Imagination. Thanks to the presentation that the British company has made, we have been able to know its key specifications, and we know that they will be available in very different configurations. Thus, this line will be available in highly customizable 32-bit and 64-bit variants by customers, they will have up to eight asymmetric cores per block, allow the integration of custom accelerators, and have advanced security features. They also comply with the ISO 26262 standard for the automotive industry.

According to Imagination, its new RISC-V Catapult CPUs can work as dynamic microcontrollers, offering a minimum consumption and a very contained size; What Highly scalable integrated CPUs and with a very rich set of functions; What high performance processors for demanding applications and finally as CPUs with safe driving functions for the automotive sector. Solutions for high-performance applications, and for the automotive sector, will not be available until 2022. The rest are already available.

On the other hand, Imagination has placed special emphasis on the value it offers as solution provider to create highly competitive SoCs. Thus, if a client already has their own CPU design and wants to convert it into an SoC, the British firm can offer them a wide set of solutions, which include such important elements as the GPU and the subsystem dedicated to connectivity and artificial intelligence.

An important announcement, without a doubt, not only for all that it means for Imagination as a company, but also for the growth of the RISC-V ecosystem, an architecture that is meeting the expectations that it had generated and that, if it continues like this, could end up becoming a serious rival for ARM. It will be very interesting to see how the landscape evolves in the coming years.


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