Imatia updates its SIMSS platform, aimed at the textile and fashion sector

The software developer company in sectors such as fashion, retail, e-commerce and Public Administration, Immatia, has announced the update of its solution, SIMSS. It is a single platform with all the necessary software developments for manufacturers in the textile, footwear, accessories and leather goods sector.

The great advantage of SIMSS is that, as an application ecosystem, integrates all the necessary solutions for companies in the sector to successfully engage in their market. Thus, this solution allows these companies to interact both with multi-brand stores and their commercial agents, as well as with end customers, providing real-time information on the stock of the stores and the central warehouse, viewing all collections as soon as they are released and allowing infinitely more effective Push marketing campaigns through the system. With this, it is possible to increase the traffic of potential clients both to physical stores – own, franchises or multi-brand – as well as to the online channel

SIMSS integrates in a single platform an advanced ERP manager so that all companies in the fashion, footwear, textile, accessories and leather goods sector centralize their financial, economic and business management. In addition, it has an electronic commerce module, with fully automated integration with online stores and B2B applications.

“SIMMS allows you to sell more with less effort from a single platform that integrates all the solutions that companies in the fashion sector need: from having an online store to accessing the catalog immediately and completely updated”, points out Fernando Vázquez, CEO of IMATIA. For his part, Ricardo Samaniego, manager of the company’s private sector area, indicates: “The fashion sector is experiencing a new stage as a result of the rise of electronic commerce and -especially- from the COVID-19 pandemic, where online sales have become absolutely key in all sectors and, especially, in that of fashion. SIMSS allows these companies to be much more competitive and dynamic ”.

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SIMSS allows fashion brands to be much more competitive and reach markets that now seem distant or impossible. At IMATIA we democratize the fashion sector and offer solutions to SMEs in this sector so that they can fight on equal terms in the market, at the same level as the big ones ”, Vázquez qualifies.

Full SIMSS integration

SIMSS provides a much more efficient internal management of companies in the fashion sector, modernizing their way of reaching the public and getting more effective sales, with lower return rates and knowing what the market demands at all times, being able to adapt instantly and accommodate supply and demand.

Through its ERP, SIMSS allows efficient management of the rest of the business areas, such as optimizing the production, logistics or finance process; something crucial to face the stock rotation demanded by the market in companies in the fashion sector. So, for example, all articles can go with RFiD tagging that provides traceability from its production to the points of sale. In this way, the control that manufacturers have over their production is increased, being able to respond quickly to their customers.

SIMSS is the link between the company, suppliers, sales network, customers, stores and end consumers. Any information is synchronized in the cloud and on all agent and customer devices, updated instantly. In short, an innovative tool for a new approach to the fashion business.

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