Immigrants are made visible in New York

A campaign launched yesterday in New York seeks to give visibility to millions of workers, most of them immigrants, in the food supply chain, from agricultural fields and dairy farms to those who work in shops, where they are sold or restaurants where they are served.

“When we talk about food, we talk about ‘the hands that feed us’, but we have to focus on people, because they are people, not hands, on who they are and what their role is to feed us,” said Mónica Ramírez , who founded and chairs the Justice for Migrant Women in Ohio.

He indicated that the “Humans who feed us” initiative also arose because despite the government saying that there are workers who are essential, such as farmers or restaurant employees, they “do not have the same rights and have been at risk during the pandemic.” .

“Although our community has an impact on people’s daily lives, most of the people do not know them, they do not see them, and I think that because of the invisibility that exists in the peasant community, we have suffered exploitation,” said Ramírez , daughter of Mexican peasants.

But the campaign is not negative – he affirmed – in the sense that it does not focus on the suffering or problems faced by workers, and in this first stage it will present the stories of 20 people who work in different sectors of the supply chain of food.

The campaign consists of a video and photos with biographies that will be shown in universities and restaurants throughout the country, whose owners, renowned chefs, have joined the initiative, which will be taken to other states and next year to Mexico and Canada.

“The pandemic shows how much we owe these workers to thank, and my mission is to raise their voices so that they can fight for a better life and compensation and labor justice with dignity for the work they do, and raise awareness for this cause. “said Colombian chef Ingrid Hoffmann.


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