iMovie and Final Cut are updated with new features

Apple applications do not tend to lavish much in terms of updates, so every time a new version is released, we are forced to talk about them. On this occasion, the Apple applications that have been updated are Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Compressor, and Motion.

The video editing applications, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro have received new features to improve workflows as well as new features. Compressor and Motion have also been updated, but only to improve stability. In the case of Motion, it is likely (not detailed in the update notes) that Apple fixed the rendering issues that were causing Macs with the M1 processor to crash.

The update for iMovie, which occupies 2.3 GB, adds 16 new backgrounds, solid color backgrounds and with textures that we can use any video. This version, number 10.2.4, also corrects a problem that prevented importing videos from the version of iMove 2.3.2 for iOS, a version that by the way has not received any updates despite the fact that these usually go hand in hand in both operating systems.

Regarding the update of Final cut pro, with which the application reaches version 10.5.3, occupies 3.1 GB and adds in addition to stability improvements, new functions such as the possibility of creating and editing column views and improving the options when ordering the clips that are they use in the videos. In addition, new ways to search for media have been added using notes, clip names and markers.

Updating Compressor, becomes version 4.5.3, version that in addition to adding stability improvements, now has notifications about the progress of batches and new embedded audio descriptions.

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