Impots.gouv is down, documents are missing

So far, there is no suggestion that this is a cyberattack.

The government site dedicated to tax management is currently experiencing a malfunction that prevents Internet users from accessing their documents on their personal space. As it stands, the homepage of impots.gouv still indicates that the “page is temporarily unavailable” and invites us to renew our request later.

On the home page of the platform, there is an informative insert which reveals “the unavailability of certain documents in your secure spaces”, without further details. However, this failure does not seem to concern professional spaces also accessible from the same site; it is apparently limited to particular spaces.

Don’t panic, however; the same message ensures that this unavailability will remain strictly temporary. “No document is lost”, can we read there. All documents currently missing should therefore be available again very soon. However, we have no information on the processing time for this situation.

The warning message also ensures that the impots.gouv teams are currently working to restore the service. We can therefore expect to find our documents online within a reasonable time, even if it is very difficult to estimate the duration of the intervention of the technical teams.

No sign of cyberattack

There remains the question of the exact origin of these technical incidents. This is not known at the moment, and nothing says that the platform will communicate this information in the future. But for the moment, everything suggests that it is a simple breakdown. This would not be the first time that the site has experienced this kind of technical problem. Capital recalls that the entire site was affected by a major outage in June 2021.

Be that as it may, there is no evidence that this is the consequence of a malicious act, such as computer hacking. There is therefore no reason to worry about the confidentiality of the documents in question, at least for the moment.

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