Impressive designs made with Paint that look like works of art

In these times we have a good number of programs focused on graphic design. Some focus on digital freehand drawing, 3D objects, graphic design, vector, etc. There are extremely complex and professional ones that adapt to all types of users, and there are others, such as Microsoft Paint, which stand out for their simplicity and easy handling.

It is more than likely that most of you already know that we are talking about an application that for years has been integrated by default into the company’s operating system, Windows. Despite the rumors that have emerged in recent times about the disappearance of this program, there it continues. It offers services for all types of users, from the smallest of the house with whom they entertain themselves, to users who want to create their own designs without complications.

Some of the most important functions of Paint

The program as such presents us with a series of tools and functions that are quite basic and affordable for everyone to work with. In this way Paint in Windows is presented as an excellent simple solution to carry out design tasks without complications. Although yes, with the passage of time there have been users who with imagination, patience and determination have achieved some spectacular jobs in this simple program.

As we comment on this program integrated in Windows presents us with some basic functions that we can work with. If we have to highlight some of the most useful that we can take advantage of in Paint, we will talk about the brushes that it proposes or the pre-designed shapes. To all this we must add the usual tools in this type of program such as text, background colors, eraser, pencil, magnifying glass, and some more.

But as we mentioned, these simple tools are not helpful, with a little patience and creativity, or a lot, to create spectacular designs. In fact, in these same lines we are going to show you some impressive samples created by users over the years.

Spectacular work done with Microsoft Paint

Lovers of the movie saga of Star wars, you will probably be impressed with this poster made by Pat Hines. Although at first it may seem somewhat incredible, all this design has been made with the aforementioned Microsoft program.

star wars paint

And that is not all that this same artist offers us, since he also designed, in a somewhat more comical tone, the work that we present below. He made it to be part of the cover of one of his comics.

camping hines

This is another of the many proposals offered by this artist and in which you have surely used a good amount of hours. And it is that as we can see with a firm hand we can get the most out of this program of Microsoft.

car paint

Videos to see the design process

In order to give you a more approximate idea of ​​how the process of creating these design works could be, here are two videos. In them we can see how the artist recreates the face of the mythical Santa claus, for which more than 50 hours were used.

On the other hand, and with an older version of the program, we will see how in paint we can also paint masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa.

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