Improve downloading in uTorrent by using the head pause feature

For many of those users accustomed to downloading all kinds of content from the Internet, the use of Torrent files and P2P networks is something common. For all this, we must first make use of a client that meets our expectations, as is the case with uTorrent.

More than likely this solution Torrent client software looks very familiar to most of you. It could be considered as one of the most popular applications in this sector. In addition, it has been with us for a good number of years offering a multitude of additional functions to uploading and downloading content. Despite the controversy that these files that we are commenting on have generated on certain occasions, the truth is that their use is completely legal.

Moreover, many companies use them to distribute their products and projects among clients and workers. And it is that here we find one of the best solutions, if not the best, when it comes to share large files reliably. Therefore, we could say that uTorrent is a software suitable for both end users and companies. Once we have downloaded and installed the client, by default it is configured to use it from the first moment. Surely this will be appreciated by many new users in this type of use.

At the same time, however, many prefer to set it up and adapt the application to your needs and requirements. Similarly, those who do not have much experience in the operation of these Torrent clients, should get used to using their most basic functions. Something common in most of these programs is to be able to control content downloads with controls similar to those of media players.

Take advantage of the pause function in uTorrent

Despite the fact that, as we say, they are basic controls and functions in this type of program, they will be very helpful for us to use them better. A clear example can be found in the pause function that we can do about the downloads used in uTorrent. Keep in mind that this function can be used for each download independently. These are the assumptions or moments in which we should take advantage of this pause function in the torrent client.

  • A discharge with few seeds: The number of seeds of a certain discharge varies substantially over time. With this, what we mean is that the aforementioned functionality allows us to stop a file that we are downloading for a while while waiting for new connections.
  • Prioritize Torrents: On many occasions we load multiple Torrent files into the program. At the same time, many times we need some of these files to be downloaded before others. The function mentioned allows us to prioritize in uTorrent the entries that we need to download before without the need to eliminate the less important ones.
  • Use other programs online: It may be the case that a certain download is hogging a large amount of the available bandwidth. That can harm us when working with other applications in the operating system. Instead of removing the download itself, we can use the pause function, work with the rest of the programs, and resume downloading that content where we left off.

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