Improve the audio of your games with these adjustments in the Game Bar

With the passage of time and the growth of the gaming sector on the PC platform, Microsoft decided to take action on the matter through certain functions in Windows. These have been gradually reaching the operating system most used in desktop computers, as in the case of the Game bar.

Similarly, the software giant has introduced certain internal improvements in the system to prioritize our games when they are running. This means that a good part of the team’s own resources are used for the game we are using, removing these from the rest of the program. It is evident that with all this is what you want to achieve was a better experience at the time of play on windows.

All this will positively affect both the graphic system, the fluidity of operation or the sound of our favorite titles. In addition, if we want to customize a good part of the elements that influence here, we also recommend you take a look at the aforementioned Game Bar. Among many other things, it will help us to control more the transmissions of our games, and to improve certain important aspects. Along these same lines we want to focus on everything related to the Audio, something of special importance after the visual section.

How to open Game Bar in Windows

The first thing we should know is that this parking lot to which we refer is especially focused on leisure time with our PC. Put at our disposal a good number of parameters related to all this, in addition to a series of widgets that will be very useful to us. But first of all, the first thing we must know is how to open this element as quickly as possible. Well, for this we just have to use the Win + G key combination to bring up the main Game Bar.

In turn we will see a series of small windows that open around the system desktop operational. To see the section that interests us in this case, we only have to click on the icon that is shaped like a speaker.

game bar icon

Configure the sound for our games

At that time, as we discussed, it will appear in screen a small window with the Audio title so that we can configure the execution and transmission of our games to the maximum. The first thing we do from here is to select both the output device for the sound, and the default playback volume. Similarly, this section allows us to adjust the volume of the rest of the running programs at that moment to prioritize the one that interests us the most.

volume control

If we are only playing, the normal thing is that we prioritize the title that we have in operation. But if at the same time we are transmitting the game we may want to increase or decrease the level of other programs in execution that we want to be heard.

Control and improve other parts of the sound

But if we want to have more control over everything related to the quality of the audio intensity of the games while we play, we click on the Voice tab. This is found in the upper part of the window that is mentioned before, from which, for example, we can manage the use of the microphone. Therefore, here we can select the sound input device that we are going to use for the transmissions and communications with other players.

In the event that we interact with others, we recommend you click on the button Xbox Group Chat. This will give us access to other parameters for sound management when communicating with other people throughout the game.

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