Improve your PC or laptop with these 1 TB SSD for less than 100 Euros

Something as simple as changing your storage unit can significantly increase system performance. SSDs allow for lower load times, especially when it comes to gaming. Well, we bring you three excellent 1TB SSD hard drives of capacity they have up to 38% discount.

We start with a Samsung 870 QVO, a SATA-type drive with very good performance that is currently one of the best sellers. Then we have the Crucial MX500, also based on the SATA connector and also among the best-selling drives. Finally we have the WD Green SN350, an M.2 PCIe solution with good performance and features.

Samsung 870 QVO 1TB

There is little to say about Samsung That hasn’t already been said, honestly. The company known above all for its smartphones and tablets also manufactures its own SSDs, as make your own memories for these units. It is one of the leading manufacturers, hence it can offer units with a price.

The SSD 870 QVO They are highly rated for their great performance and reliability. This unit offers us a reading speed up to 560MB/s and of writing up to 530MB/s We are talking about excellent performance, allowing Windows to start in an instant or the loading times of games to be reduced significantly.

This unit is based on SATA interface, something that quite limits the speeds. The good thing about having the 2.5-inch format is that it is compatible with laptops, Mini PCs and other systems. It is one of the best solutions to give a second life to that old forgotten laptop.

Samsung 870 QVO 1TB

Crucial MX500 1TB

Other manufacturers of memories most important in the market is Micron, although the trademark is Crucial. This manufacturer also uses state-of-the-art memories. They not only offer good performance, but also great durability and efficiency.

The MX500 SSD is based on the SATA interface, which severely limits performance. Despite this, we have speeds of read up to 560MB/sy of write up to 510MB/s, which are between 6-8 times more than a mechanical hard drive. An improvement in performance that we will notice on a day-to-day basis, without a doubt.

It is also one of the storage units best sellers on amazon nowadays. This is because it is ideal for new systems, to improve a computer that we have at home or to give a second life to that old laptop that is slow due to using an HDD. A more than interesting option with a very tight price.

Crucial MX500 1TB

WD Green SN350 1TB

Well, it’s not done on purpose, but the thing is memory manufacturers with their own SSDs. In this case the manufacturer of the memories is SanDiskwhich is a Western Digital affiliate nowadays. Specifically, WD bought SanDisk in 2015 for almost 20,000 million dollars.

Green drives are characterized by being the simplest that WD offers, designed for the average user. That they are simple, does not mean that they are bad, far from it. To start with, this Green SN350 is based on the M.2 PCIe 3.0 interface, which offers great performance. This unit offers us a speed of reading up to 2400MB/s and of writing up to 1900MB/s

It is a perfect unit for a new gaming PC, as its price is very well adjusted. It can also be used to expand or improve a recent laptop, since more and more laptops include these storage units. A great option and quite versatile.

WD Green SN350 1TB

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