Improve your productivity in LibreOffice with these template tricks

When carrying out our office work, whether for personal or professional reasons, we try to be as productive as possible. This is precisely one of the objectives of the programs focused on these tasks that we can use today. Among the most popular suites in the sector we find Microsoft Office and the LibreOffice open source project.

It is in this second case that we want to focus at the moment, a software project that does not stop growing and gaining followers. One of the main reasons for all this is that LibreOffice is an increasingly complete suite that is closer to the power offered by Microsoft’s proposal. Of course, all this without having to pay a single euro, which for most is a huge advantage. We just have to download these programs from their official website and start working.

In addition, one of its main objectives is that we do not have any problem in everything related to the Office compatibility. What is achieved in this way is that we can work without any problem both when importing and exporting native documents of the Microsoft suite. It must be taken into account that this has been, and is, the one that could be considered as the leader in the sector. But at the same time LibreOffice offers us a series of integrated functions and features that will surely be very useful.

Among all that this suite proposes, we are going to make a special mention in these lines of templates. These are integrated elements that will allow us save a good deal of time and effort.

Get more out of LibreOffice with its templates

As you already know, these are documents that are already pre-designed to a great extent so that we can take advantage of them in multiple office automation tasks. LibreOffice proposes us templates for most of your programs and that we can use for free. The easiest way to access them is from the suite’s control window where we can also access the programs that compose it.

libreoffice templates

In that window that serve as suite control center we find a section called precisely Templates. Here is a drop-down list so that we can see these elements belonging to each of the LibreOffice programs. In order to make use of these, we only have to choose the program from the drop-down list, and the corresponding templates will appear in the right panel. Keep in mind that LibreOffice templates allow us, on the one hand, to open them like a normal document, or to edit them.

Its quick and easy editing will allow us create custom documents from these and gain a lot of time. It is also interesting to know that, in this drop-down list of templates, at the bottom we find an option to management of these contents. Here we can locate them either by program or by category.

categories libreoffice

To better manage these elements, the suite also allows us create our own categories. Likewise, we will have the possibility of import and export these predefined documents to have at our disposal those that we really need.

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