Improve your sports activity with these cheap bracelets

Activity wristbands for less than 30 euros

In this first part of the selection, we want to start with the cheapest models of all. Therefore, these are the best SmartBands you can buy for less than 30 euros.

Realme band

The first model we have selected is also the cheapest of all. It’s about the Realme band, an activity bracelet that we can buy for less than 10 euros. This model has the common aesthetics of this type of device, with a thin body with a silicone strap. In the center we find a color screen (0.96 ”) that shows us data such as the time, the steps carried out, the remaining battery (according to what is actually 7 days) or, of course, it allows us to move through the interface and receive all notifications in it. As for the monitoring of our activity and physical condition, it has a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and various sports modes to track activities such as: Yoga, running, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, spinning, fitness or cricket.

Huawei Band 4e

Is Huawei Band 4e It is an option within the cheapest activity wristbands on the market. The design is that of the typical pill to which we can change the bracelet if we wish. The screen, this time, is in black and white, which will allow it to take its autonomy up to 21 days of use according to the manufacturer. It has protection against water and dust, we can receive notifications through it or follow our physical activity and then view the data through the control app on our phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The following activity bracelet does not need too many presentations, since it is the best known and most purchased of all (in all its versions). Maybe the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It may not be the latest model in its family, but it is equally recommended if you are looking for one of these cheaper devices. It has a color screen, with a small touch button at the bottom, which we can use to interact with it in addition to gestures. Thanks to this bracelet we can monitor the heart rate, calories burned, steps, monitor sleep and many more actions. Regarding the sports section, it is capable of monitoring a large number of activities. We can submerge it under water without problems and even use it as a remote trigger for our mobile camera. If you want to know her in depth and know the best and worst of her, you can take a look at our video on YouTube.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fit 2

Finally, within the selection of bracelets for less than 30 euros, we have the SAMSUNG Galaxy Fit 2. A super complete SmartBand with heart rate measurement, sleep and training monitor. It has a 1.1 ”AMOLED screen and a 159 mAh battery that will arrive, according to the manufacturer, up to 15 days of use. It has protection to use it underwater up to 50 meters deep and, through its control app on the smartphone, we can monitor many data of our daily physical condition.

SmartBands for less than 50 euros

However, if you want to bet a little higher and don’t mind spending a little more money, you may be less than 50 euros find a somewhat more complete model.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Repeating manufacturer we go, now yes, with the most current model of Xiaomi. This is the Mi band 6 that, unlike its predecessor, has a larger screen, a greater number of sports activities that it is capable of tracking and can measure oxygen saturation in the blood. If you want to know it in depth, take a look at our video analysis on YouTube.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

The manufacturer Huawei It also has a place in these more vitaminized models with its Band 4 Pro. In this case, this SmartBand comes with a 0.95 ”color AMOLED screen, in which we will see all the data that it is capable of monitoring. Among them we find the measurement of sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, steps or different sports modes. It also incorporates integrated GPS for better detection and protection against dust and water. We can buy it in different colors to adapt it to our tastes.

HONOR Band 6

Finally, another very interesting model that you can buy for less than 50 euros is this HONOR Band 6. An activity bracelet available in 3 different bracelet colors and a 1.47 ”color screen (one of the largest on the market). Through it we can monitor our daily physical activity, as well as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, receive notifications, calls, information about the weather and much more. Of course, it has protection against dust and water so that we can use it on any type of occasion.

Beware of very cheap activity wristbands

In this article we wanted to close all this information with an aspect that we see that is repeated a lot among users who are looking for the cheapest options of these equipment.

And of course, when we need to adjust the decision to the tightest budget, we may be tempted to buy one of those options from little-known brands that, yes, are available for 10 or 15 euros and seem to offer good features. This, in our opinion, is not the wisest decision you can make.

These types of activity bracelets usually have problems of the type:

  • Obsolete operating systems and control app.
  • Give connection errors between the phone and the SmartBand.
  • Applications or parts of the interface poorly translated into Spanish / English, or that are directly in Chinese.

We have already shown you in the first model that begins this selection that you can find a good alternative at low cost. So, once again, we urge you to opt for well-known brands that, for sure, have some very inexpensive model in their catalog.

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