Improve Your Video Editing Skills in Premiere with These Tips

Learning to handle all the ins and outs of a tool as complete as Premiere is not easy, although surely it will not be necessary to know all the elements that compose it to be able to carry out our work. When using it, it is convenient to know certain tricks that will make us improve our skills with video editing. In this way we not only improve our skills and resources, but we will also be more productive.

Adjust the Premiere interface according to the type of editing

Before starting the editing process, we must know that we can adjust the interface depending on the type of editing that we are going to perform. And it is that the Adobe Premiere interface we will be able to configure in different ways, either by panels or windows, which we can enlarge or decrease just by clicking on one of the edges and dragging it to the place that interests us. We can also remove tabs that are included in the panels and that we may not be interested in. In addition, we can move the work editing panels at a certain time.

Get faster with keyboard shortcuts

To improve our editing skills with Premiere, it is important that let’s get acquainted with keyboard shortcuts with which to be able to carry out any operation without having to go looking for the tabs of its interface. We can also use the visual keyboard layout to customize shortcuts and assign multiple shortcuts to a command.

Premiere keyboard shortcuts

This is something we can do from the “Edit” tab and selecting the “Keyboard shortcuts”. In the new window we can configure them to our liking. Likewise, if we click on each tab on the top toolbar, we can see each of Premiere’s options along with its corresponding keyboard shortcut. So we can memorize those that we use most frequently.

Use drag and drop for containers

The organization is a fundamental element, so it is important that we have organized the elements before starting editing. To work more efficiently is to create containers, which are folders where we will include the elements that will be part of our project. The way items are usually added to the container is by clicking on a new bin, opening the project window, giving a name, and selecting the items.

This is something that can be done faster. Just choose any folder on your computer that you want to import into Premiere and drag it directly into the project window. In this way, both the folder and all the files that compose it are added.

Make backup copies so you don’t lose your work in Premiere

To improve our skills with Premiere it is also very important to perform different Backups of our work through automatic or manual saves to never lose the work done. A failure in Windows, in the software itself, a power outage … there are different ways to lose all our work in a moment if we do not have a backup.

Adobe Premiere Auto Save

When saving a project, all the editing options that we have made, references to the source files and the reorganizations of the panels that we have made are stored. From the “Edit> Preferences> Automatic save” section, we can configure the time for making backup copies.

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