Improve your Word document skills with these tips

Although the use of Microsoft Word is very common, the truth is that many times we are unaware of many of its functions that can help us when we write. With these tips that, you may not know, you can improve the handling of documents in Word.

Take care of the readability of the document

When writing a document, there are very important factors that we must take care of, such as spelling and grammar. But, in addition, it is also important that we do not overlook the complexity at the time of writing it so that it can be easily understood by any type of user. In this way, we make it attractive and generate interest.

To help us, Word has different linguistics tests based on which it calculates a score on a 100-point scale that will help us determine how good and easy to read and understand our writing is. The higher the score, the easier it will be to understand, being desirable that the score oscillates between 60 and 70 points.

We can carry out this function from the «File» section, clicking on «Options» and finally on «Review». Here we select “Show readability statistics”. Thus, every time we run the spell checker it will also show us readability statistics.

Use the word search engine

In general, our writings will need to have as much information available on a subject, so that it is as professional as possible. To do this, Word has its own integrated search engine, because we can consult all kinds of data without having to resort to our web browser, gaining in efficiency and productivity.

Find information in Word

Using it is as easy as selecting a word or phrase from our text and clicking the right mouse button. In the contextual menu select search and on the right side we see the different results obtained that we can use to obtain more information and improve our work.

Protect your document and parts of its content

One of the great advantages that we find in Word is the protection of our document. From the “File” and “Information” section we can manage permissions for viewing and editing, as well as enable password encryption and create security keys for our document.

Likewise, we may also be interested in the possibility of add a key to save and avoid problems with certain parts of our document, so that these cannot be changed by third parties. To do this, in the “Start” and “Paragraph” section, click on the “Show all” button. Next, from the “Review” tab, we select “Protect and Restrict edition” which will open a window. In the section “Editing restrictions” select filling out forms.

Word restrict editing

All that remains is to select “Start to apply, Yes”, apply the protection so that we can establish the desired password.

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