Improving the sound of your iPhone is possible with the following tricks

Increasing the volume of an iPhone is possible

With the passage of time and use, sometimes you notice that the volume of your phone falls short, poor or that you simply have the need to improve the sound of your iPhone. And although there are numerous possibilities and cases that can affect you, many times the solution is much simpler than taking your phone to the technician.

Do you want to learn how to improve the sound of your iPhone? We teach you the tricks to be able to do it in this post.

Sometimes the obvious works: turn up the volume and check the settings

to improve the sound of the iphone sometimes it is enough to increase the volume

Although it seems basic and fundamental, it will not be the first time that the big problem of the volume of the iPhone it’s because it’s lowbasically.

To set the volume to maximum, you have two options. Either do it from the phone settings option (Settings / Sounds and Vibration / Sounds) and upload it from there, or increase the volume using the dedicated keys for it.

If, on the other hand, your volume problem is in the call itself, the solution is just as simple: simply press the volume up button while on the call and you will notice an immediate improvement.

Another additional setting that influences the sound is the Silent mode. If you have it active you will not receive notifications with sound and it may be the source of your problems. To turn it off, simply flip the switch next to your phone’s volume controls and you’ll be able to have sound notifications again.

If it still fails, clean the grill and speakers

Cleaning your iPhone can improve the volume

Another common reason for the lack of volume of an iPhone is the dirt buildup on the grilles, microphones and speakers. Although these are well protected with a dust filter, over time and especially depending on the environment in which the phone is used (if it is exposed to dusty areas such as a construction site, for example), the speakers and microphones they tend to get clogged and hence the loss of sound from the iPhone.

To clean it, it would be advisable to use isopropyl alcohol because it does not have water in its chemical composition, so it is not electrically conductive, although if you do not have access to it you can use normal alcohol, also known as ethyl alcohol or “to heal wounds”. It is important that avoid using other types of liquidsince you could generate an electrical short inside your device.

Simply moisten a toothbrush with a little bit of alcohol and rub the entrances of the connections until they look clean. If the dirt is very accumulated, with great care you can use a very fine needle to break the layers of earth, although it will not normally be necessary.

Once clean, you can let the alcohol evaporate naturally or if you have a compressor at home or compressed air, you can finish cleaning your phone to improve its sound.

Use bluetooth headphones and speakers

Using bluetooth headphones improves iPhone volume

If our problem is rather a noisy environment, another possibility is use bluetooth speakers or headphones that complement the speakers of our phone.

There are different models on the market that work very well and add rich, enveloping sound to the music we want to hear on our iPhone. Examples like this JBL speaker or the LG XBoom can be great additions to be able to listen to music in stereo without using cables.

If we focus on Apple, we have the option of the Homepod: the smart speakers of the apple brand that offer wonderful sound in addition to the Siri assistant supportso we would be adding a new Apple device in our home that will add value to our equipment.

Regarding the headphones, since we are in an Apple ecosystem, the proper thing is to use the airpods of the brand itself. In addition to offering brutal sound quality, they also offer gestures when it comes to managing the volume that integrate perfectly with our phone and that undoubtedly improve the user experience.

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The DIY option: bring out the Artemaniac that you have inside

You can do crafts to improve the volume of your iPhone

If you were born in the 90s, you will remember art Attack: the program presented by Jordi Cruz in which they made crafts adapted for children.

If the memory of this program has made you smile nostalgically, we bring you a couple of crafts that you can do to improve the sound of your iPhone using homemade materials. The good thing about these methods is the ease of treatment that they have and that they are available to everyone.

The first option simply requires a box cutter and a clean, empty plastic soda bottle. To make the mod, you have to cut the bottle about 1/3 of its size, so that it looks like a gramophone amplifier.

About halfway through, make a slit to allow the speaker phone to fit into this hole. Due to the shape of the bottle, the sound waves will bounce off the surface of the bottle and thus amplify the perception that we have of it, since it will focus it above all on the output

If you have extra cardboard or plastic cups, a piece of cardboard from toilet paper or a can of Pringles and you have a bit of skill, you can set up another audio amplifier that is attractive and customizable at the same time.

Measure the circumference of the end of the toilet paper carton on the cups and cut out the circle you have drawn on the cups. Once the cut is made, place the tube inside the two glasses so that they are joined by it. To finish, cut the toilet paper cardboard or can large enough for your iPhone to fit inside and make sure everything is well sealed.

So now you know, if you have audio problems and want to improve the sound of your iPhone, follow the tricks that we have exposed. And if you are spending a weekend with no plans to do and you have a child at home, you can take advantage of crafts to do something together and enjoy a family plan recycling materials. With this gesture, you will help the environment as well as improve the sound of your iPhone.

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