In 2021, 435,000 apps were downloaded per minute

Since 2020, the use of smartphones has registered figures never seen before, producing a new relationship between consumers and their mobile devices. In fact, in 2021 this use grew 30% compared to 2020 and mobile phones were used an average of 4.8 hours a day, according to the Mobile Status 2022 report from the company App Annie.

This situation led to the discovery of new utilities for the smartphone. For this reason, the report also highlights that in 2021 230,000 new applications were downloaded5% more than in 2020, noting that, on average, 435,000 applications were downloaded per minute in the world.

This increase in downloads is reflected in users’ smartphones because, according to a Hootsuite report, Spaniards have an average of 35 apps installed. This number reflects not only the predisposition to have a large number of applications but also makes room for another factor to take into account: the importance of proper maintenance of these devices. Many of the applications that are downloaded are only used once or twice, not being used again and occupying part of the free space of the mobile phone.

This behavior, among others, can be detrimental to smartphone components, such as battery or internal storage. That is why the ANOVO technology after-sales company recommends keeping the necessary applications on the device and leaving free space for proper maintenance.

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Maintaining the health of your device’s apps is also important. Therefore, we must keep them updated to the latest version. This process is necessary to improve the security of the same and that the data of the users are protected to the maximum. It is also essential make the downloads from the official markets, Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple, and don’t trust unknown sources.

Space saving versions

Another of the recommendations made by ANOVO is to download the versions “lite” of the applications. These versions, with which count most applicationsthey represent a great space saver for mobile devices since they consume less cache memory thanks to the fact that they do not bring functions in the background.

An action little known by users but quite useful to free up space is to get rid of pre-installed applications, since these “apps” are not usually very useful for device owners and tend to require a lot of resources. In the same way, little is known about the procedure for removing and reinstalling those applications that we have installed on our own and that we use the most, instead of removing them. With this difference, storage space is freed but the data contained in the “apps” is kept.

Finally, from ANOVO they recommend adding to the mobile device memory one SD card. Although only images, videos, documents and music can be stored on it, this freeing up of space can be used to install heavier applications that take up more internal memory.

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