In Brazil, man dies attacked by piranhas while fleeing a swarm of bees

What started as a Sunday with friends ended in tragedybecause a 30-year-old man died attacked by piranhas when he jumped into a lake to try to flee from a swarm of bees.

The events occurred last Sunday, October 31, in the municipality of Brasilândia de Minas, Brazil, where three friends had gone fishing when they noticed the presence of bees around them.

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The three fishermen They jumped into the lake to try to escape the swarm of bees, although two of them managed to swim and reach the shore of the lakeThe same did not happen with the third party that was attacked by piranhas, local media quoted by EFE indicated.

Fisherman attacked by piranhas

The body of Firefighters reported that the death of the subject is being investigated, whose identity was not revealed, as they indicated that he may have died drowned unable to escape from piranhas or was it because of the attack of these ferocious meat-eating fish.

One of the firefighters who removed the body of the fisherman from the lake told local media that the deceased fisherman had “disfigured his face and part of his body” due to the piranha attack.

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The SBT News medium indicated that, according to one of the mens who survived, were fishing into the lake and his boat hit a log that the diaper and this managed to upset the bees.

The commander of the Third Platoon of the Military Fire Department, Lieutenant Toletino, indicated that the body of the fisherman was found in a “boxer” position, which is seen above all in cases of drowning. It was determined that there was no crime and the body was given to his family.


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