In Europe, they isolate the unvaccinated

Faced with the new wave of coronavirus, Europe is cracking down on those who voluntarily did not receive immunizations against the COVID-19, such as pressure to agree to receive the injections and to try to have a Christmas safe.

Europe is currently the only region where deaths from coronavirus are increasing, in the rest of the world deaths are stable or down.

Among the most drastic measures is the one applied by the government of Austria, which became the first country to order a three-week lockdown for the unimmunized; in total some two million people are affected by the measure, they can only go to work and buy food. Its passage through cinemas and restaurants is prohibited.

Slovakia, one of the nations of the European Union with a lower vaccination rate (45%) envisages restrictions in the face of the increase in daily coronavirus infections, the non-immunized will not be able to enter non-essential establishments, such as gyms, shopping centers and sporting events.

Yes, they will be allowed access to their jobs, as long as they present negative anti-COVID tests, which also implies a blow to your pocket.

In the Netherlands, anti-vaccine legislators are prohibited from participating in debates and voting in sessions; they are not entitled to receive their salary.

Germany, where up to 400,000 infections a day are expected this winter, has warned of an epidemic of the unvaccinated and is considering more restrictions against them, such as requesting proof of immunization or negative test to use public transport.

In the country only two thirds of the population is completely immunized, the coalition that is about to form the government proposes strict measures like those of Austria.

New York City will allow crowds to gather in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to ring in 2022, but only if they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In Italy, for a month it has been mandatory to receive the anti-COVID inoculation to be able to work, both in the public and private sectors, or else negative tests must be constantly presented.

And in France, the closed spaces of the restaurants are exclusively for the immunized, the unvaccinated must present a negative test to access the terraces.

According to the British premier, Boris Johnson, in the near future the third dose of immunization will mean the full course of the vaccine.

Faced with the wave of misinformation spread by anti-vaccine groups about anti-COVID immunizations, the World Health Organization (WHO) clarified that there is no possibility that they are related to infertility or sexual impotence problems.

“They are completely unfounded rumors, which do not respond to the logic of biological mechanisms,” explained Joachim Hombach, an expert from the WHO.

So far, the UN body has endorsed the doses of Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Sinopharm and Covaxin.

For now, with tens of thousands of protesters in Vienna, riots in the Netherlands and scenes of looting and vandalism in the French West Indies, protests against anti-COVID measures by governments are hardening around the world.

Dutch Police detained more than 30 people in The Hague and elsewhere, following an “orgy of violence” the night before in a protest against the restrictions.

Meanwhile, some 35,000 people protested yesterday in Brussels against the measures that the government imposed to face the recent spike in COVID-19 cases. There are 40 detainees.


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