In FIFA 22 you can avoid the humiliation of the celebrations

FIFA celebrations

Although at first the controlled celebrations in FIFA They were a very important claim, they soon became a double-edged sword. The new animations were increasingly incisive, and some players only hoped they could score a goal to visually “insult” with the more acid animations.

The issue got to such a point that EA was forced to eliminate some of the most used such as the gesture of command to silence, a celebration that raised many frictions between the players and that was responsible for bringing out the worst in each one. Well, it seems that all this can be avoided whenever you want.

Goodbye to constant humiliation

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If you are one of those who does not take anything well to endure the celebrations of the opponents when you receive a goal, in FIFA 22 you will be able to end your suffering. The new installment of FIFA will offer the option to look the other way, since, instead of swallowing the opponent’s animation, you can select to have the camera focus on the reaction of your players after conceding the goal, thus managing to focus on our team and avoiding distractions.

This option will not be activated by default, so we will have to select the option in the new Celebration Camera settings that we will see in the configuration. Thus, instead of watching the opponent’s celebration, the camera will focus on focusing on your players. This will bring new animations to life that could show our players’ anger and disappointment, so it will be fun to watch. And it is that, as long as not receive the humiliation of the rival, any solution is good.

The right solution

Taking into account how bad some users have it and how abusive some are using these animations, the solution of choosing whether you want to see the rival celebration or the reaction of your players seems right to us. Currently the only reason for holding a celebration was to seek humiliation and harm against the opponent, so the fun component of being able to control the player to celebrate the goal was long lost.

For that reason, continuing to let the player celebrate the goal but not having an impact on the rival’s spirits seems correct, although it must also be said that one of the main incentives that bring the simulator closer to real life is lost, since in real football there are no limits when it comes to celebrating. Well, actually yes, but those limits are established by the referee, who will not hesitate to sanction when there is a lack of respect. The FIFA AI will be able to control this sometime. It wouldn’t be bad at all, really.

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