In Fortnite you can no longer trust anyone: imposters arrive

What is the Imposters

Despite not making any kind of reference, it is evident that the popularity of Among Us has served Fortnite as a source of inspiration to add a new game mode. One that is very easy to explain and that you will know what it is basically about if you have played the video game developed by Innersloth.

And it is that Imposters is the new game mode where you will have to find the two impostors who have entered one of the secret headquarters of the Imagined Order. Because if not, chaos will reign in it and it could end up losing control of it, which is the objective that these two infiltrated agents have sought from the beginning.

How to play the impostor in Fortnite

Knowing the above, what is Fortnite Imposters and its resemblance to Among US, explaining its game mechanics is quite simple. In each game there will be a maximum of ten players and two teams will be formed so to speak.

On one side will be the eight secret agents of the Imagined Order and on the other the two infiltrators. While the eight agents have to carry out different tasks such as repairing a battle bus among others, the two impostors will try to do everything possible to boycott them and even end their lives.

When that happens, when the corpse of an agent of the Imagined Order is found, a meeting can be called where the players will debate who the murderer who has sneaked could be. So when both are found, the game is over. Although it also ends if they manage to finish all those assigned tasks.

The Fortnite story continues

As you can see, the new Imposters mode within Fortnite is clearly inspired by Among Us, which may not please everyone equally, but of course and despite not being original, it sure offers a good number of hours of fun these days.

Also, the most interesting thing is how well they have integrated this new mode with the story. Since they refer to Jones’s traction against the Imagined Order and link with the idea that to have achieved that he should not be alone. So there are more imposters and you have to discover them.

So now you know, if you had lost interest in Fortnite a bit, beyond going in when there are social events like the recent Ariana Grande concert, now may be your chance to go back with friends and see what it offers. Because, you can create games only with your friends if you want, but you will need a minimum of four for that.

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