In Gran Turismo 7 you will remember the best of PlayStation 1

The most desired mode returns

The evolution that Gran Turismo has had in recent years has been targeting a competitive public interested in eSports, hence the existence of Gran Turismo Sport, with a global competition that moves a lot in all corners of the world. But users missed the usual classic mode, where that magnificent Gran Turismo campaign challenged us with impossible licenses and circuits and tournaments that invited us to spend hours and hours in front of the screen.

That essence is what they wanted to recover with Gran Turismo 7, and you only have to see the initial seconds of the new trailer to see that we are facing a true tribute that the most fans will appreciate in the first minutes of the game. The result is spectacular, and you just have to see the news to discover that we are facing something very big.

On the one hand, we have the return of the classic campaign mode, where players can review on the GT World map the different tournaments and championships available, divided by categories and vehicle types, as well as the license tests, necessary to acquire more powerful vehicles. What memories!

A constantly changing climate

Gran Turismo 7

The mythical tracks of Trial Mountain and High Speed ​​Ring will return with improved designs to take full advantage of the technical capabilities of PS5, plus we will enjoy weather effects that will completely change the conditions of the circuit, offering changes of light depending on the time of day and weather effects according to the conditions.

An endless car garage

Although they have not specified the number of all the vehicles that we can choose (something that in Forza Horizon 5 we already know), the immense collection of available vehicles will allow you to enjoy them as if you had a personal collection, since you can get iconic vehicles and visit luxury salons, and we can even carry out maintenance on them, including washing and oil change .

On March 4 we will hit the slopes

Gran Turismo 7

As you may have seen, the details and modes that await us in this new installment of Gran Turismo are spectacular, and if you were one of those who enjoyed the original game, it will be very difficult for you to avoid playing this new installment for all that it includes. . For that we will have to wait until the next March 4, moment in which Gran Turismo coming to PS5 and PS4Because yes, the next Gran Turismo will not forget the previous generation.

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