In India, teenager murders his sister for having married without the consent of their parents

The tragic death of a young woman in India has gone around the world, because it was murdered by his brother with the help of his mother presumably because he case without the consent of his parents, besides that he would have two months of pregnancy.

The events occurred last Sunday in the city of Vaijapur, Maharashtra, in the house of the 19 year old victim how far his mother and brother came to visit after five months of not having contact with them because of their marriage for which he allegedly would not have had the consent of his family.

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The victim invited his mother and brother to have tea, it was at that moment that he took a scythe and the hit four times later behead her. The mother became accomplice as he grabbed his daughter’s feet while she was killed, police told CNN.

Mother and son confess the crime

The policeman indicated that the woman’s husband was sleeping at home at the time of the murder, so the noise woke him up and, although it was attacked because of his wife’s brother, he managed to escape.

They reported that later the mother and her child they confessed to the crime and an investigation was immediately indicated. They pointed out that the accused is a younger and was taken to a home for minors, while the mother is low custody.

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The identity of the young woman and her relatives was not revealed by the authorities, however, they indicated that it could be classified as an “honor killing” of which India has registered 23 in 2020 alone, CNN notes.

They are called “honor killings” to those in which women or girls are murdered by men of their family, this by allegations of the victims that would have “dishonored the family.”


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